Frequently Asked Questions!?!

What is OptiMantra?

OptiMantra is an online Practice Management (PM) and EMR-EHR platform. It provides the clinical and business management functionality to successfully operate an integrative practice, as well as an online portal for the patients to access their records and request appointments.

What features are supported to manage my clinic and my front desk (administration)?

Please refer to our See All Features page.

What type of analytical reports are available to provide insights into data and business?

The PM software has a set of reports that provide visibility into financial transactions, appointment statistics, inventory tracking, supply expiration tracking, taxes tracking and more.
These interactive reports allow you to slice and dice the data in different ways to help you answer different questions. You can export data in multiple formats to support accounting and other book keeping activities.

What type of services (technical and customer) do you provide?

We take pride in providing excellent customer service. You can call our 8xx number, or send us an email or send a message from the program itself. We provide training and assistance with data imports (patients, supplies, contacts and more) as part of the on boarding process. We have consulting partners to assist with billing (insurance claims) expertise. Our partner in the online payment space helps practitioners get the best rates for online payments.

What software and hardware do I need?

We are an online, cloud based PM software company, so you don't need to download or install anything. A laptop, desktop or tablet connected to Internet is all you need ( we recommend 2 GHz for processor speed and 2 GB for RAM ). We support different browses (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) but Chrome is preferred for its speed and its ability to stay up to date with security updates. We also recommend that you have a decent wireless connection (5MBPS or better).

What about HIPAA and HITECH compliance?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued the HIPAA Privacy Rule to enforce HIPAA requirement. The Privacy Rule addresses the use and disclosure of the health information for individuals by covered entities subject to the Rule. It also creates a standard for individual privacy rights to control and understand how their health information is used. The rule requires:
a) Safeguards must be put in place to protect protected health information (PHI)
b) use and sharing of PHI must be limited to intended and required purposes only
c) have agreements in place with service providers (business associates agreement)
d) have procedures in place to limit who has access to PHI.
We provide a Business Associates agreement as part of our license. We have administrative safeguards in place for proper and auditable access to PHI and employees who have access to PHI are provided with regular training on HIPAA and other privacy rules. We have technical safeguards in place to protect the digital information, including but not limited to encryption/decryption, SSL and secure storage of the data. All access to the application and data is logged in audit table. We also have process in place to take regular backups and also have provisions in place for disaster recovery. Our application and data resides in data center that complies with NIST 800-53, a higher security standard.

What about PCI compliance?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is an information security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. In order to protect the credit/debit and eCheck details, we use SSL and encryption procedures to make sure data is safe.

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