Integrated EMR & Practice Management Workflow

Facilitate service provision to patients and ensure the day-to-day operation of your practice 
through core capabilities common across all specialties

Client Management

Convenient web-based patient access to your services and appointments so patients can book online
Automated reminders through SMS/text and email notifications to reduce no-shows
Enhanced patient engagement with messaging, secure connection to their records and documents on  patient portal
Facilitated relationship management with newsletters, promotions, updates using visually appealing email templates

Health Records & EMR

Tailored consult interface with out-of-box support for multiple modalities
Rapid charting with SOAP templates and quick import capabilities
Early patient data collection through custom questionnaire and intakes prior to appointments (with easy import into charts)
Convenient sharing of patient and practice records through 3rd party fax or cloud sharing

Practice Management

Customizable scheduling by practitioners, locations, rooms
Simplified checkout with chart imports into superbills and 1500 claims forms
Integrated online payment processing
Electronic claims filings with EOBs and automated payment postings
Easy inventory and purchase order management
Sophisticated operational and financial performance reporting
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Customizable by Profession

Leverage one platform to collaborate effectively in multi-disciplinary, multi-practitioner settings through tailored, modality-specific features and functionality

Integrative Health

Functional Medicine Doctors
TCM Doctors

Conventional Health

Medical Doctors
Mental Health Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners
Therapists & Counselors


Dietitians & Nutritionists
Health Coaches
Massage Therapists
Personal Trainers
Yoga Teachers

Hear From Our Experts

Dr Cronin - Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Michael Cronin, ND
Naturopathic Physician's Group
We have been with OptiMantra for 5 years. We began with practice management - our 4 practitioners were pleased with the scheduling, check out, insurance billing, and reporting. Two years ago, we started using the EMR, and are very pleased with the increased productivity and ease of use. The EMR conversion was straight-forward and the support was great. The program ha IV therapy, an E-Rx module, and the built a prolotherapy module for us. There are no ads or distractions. I would recommend a serious look at OptiMantra. 
Dr Patel - Ayurvedic Integrative Wellness Practitioner
Smita Patel, PhD
Smeeta's Wellness Center
We've been using OptiMantra in our practice for years. It has simplified and improved the coordination between me and my staff. We also know we can rely on the OptiMantra team for training, support, or questions.
Dr. Ogilvie - Naturopathic Doctor
Chris Ogilvie, ND
Integrative Health Center of Virginia
OptiMantra has saved my business time and money with patient scheduling reminders, personalized EMR and a responsive support staff. I couldn't be happier with my OptiMantra experience.

At Affordable Pricing

Pay as you grow without ever being locked in a contract
Up to 50 Visits
Full Practice Features
HIPAA/PHIPA Compliance
Email Support
Basic Data Import
Up to 100 Visits
Full Practice Features
HIPAA/PHIPA Compliance
Email Support
Basic Data Import
Established Individual
Over 100 Visits
Full Practice Features
HIPAA/PHIPA Compliance
Email Support
Basic Data Import
$99 + $19
$99 monthly +
$19 per additional practitioner
Over 100 Visits
Full Practice Features
HIPAA/PHIPA Compliance
Email Support
Basic Data Import

Pricing is per practitioner per month
For group practices, the first practitioner is $99 and every additional practitioner is $19
Deep discounts are available for students, researchers, and community clinics
Using 3rd party services (e.g., fax, electronic prescription) may entail additional charges


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