COVID-19 Update: Setting Up Your Virtual Practice

Leverage OptiMantra to engage with your patients virtually
Online Bookings - Easily allow patients to schedule online from your website, facebook or emails

Secure Video Chat - Offer secure, HIPAA-compliant video chat to engage patients virtually

Online Card Payments - Take card payments through, Stripe or Fattmerchant

Supplements & Medication Dispensing - Dispense supplements (FullScript) and medications (SureScripts), including controlled substances

Patient Portal Messaging - Communicate with all patients via a secure portal

Group Emails & Texting - Keep your clients informed through periodic email and text notifications

Integrated EMR & Practice Management Workflow

Facilitate service provision to patients and ensure the day-to-day operation of your practice 
through core capabilities common across all specialties

Client Management

Convenient web-based patient access to services and appointments with online booking
Automated reminders through SMS/text and email notifications to reduce no-shows
Enhanced patient engagement with messaging, secure connection to their records and documents on patient portal
Facilitated relationship management with newsletters, promotions, visually appealing email templates

Health Records & EMR

Tailored consult interface with out-of-box support for multiple modalities
Rapid charting with SOAP templates and quick import capabilities
Early patient data collection through custom questionnaire and intakes prior to appointments (with easy import into charts)
Convenient sharing of patient and practice records through secure 3rd party fax or cloud-based transfers
HIPAA-compliant videochat enabling telehealth patient engagement

Practice Management

Customizable scheduling by practitioners, locations, rooms
Simplified checkout with chart imports into superbills and 1500 claims forms
Integrated payment processing
Electronic claims filings with EOBs and automated payment postings
Easy inventory and purchase order management
Sophisticated operational and financial performance reporting
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Customizable by Profession

Leverage one platform to collaborate effectively in multi-disciplinary, multi-practitioner settings through tailored, modality-specific features and functionality

Integrative Health

Functional Medicine
TCM Doctors

Conventional Health

Medical Doctors
Mental Health Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners
Therapists & Counselors


Dietitians & Nutritionists
Health Coaches
Massage Therapists
Personal Trainers
Yoga Teachers

Hear From Our Experts

Dr Cronin - Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Michael Cronin, ND
Naturopathic Physician's Group, Founder of SCNM, Past President of AANP
Scottsdale, AZ
We have been with OptiMantra for 5 years.
We began with practice management - our 4 practitioners were pleased with the scheduling, check out, insurance billing, and reporting. Two years ago, we started using the EMR, and are very pleased with the increased productivity and ease of use. The EMR conversion was straight-forward and the support was great. The program ha IV therapy, an E-Rx module, and the built a prolotherapy module for us.
I would recommend a serious look at OptiMantra. 
Dr Nowazek - Naturpathic Doctor - Green Apple Health Care - Alberta, Canada
Dr. Michael Nowazek, BSc, ND
Owner and Clinic Director, Green Apple Health Care Ltd.
Alberta, Canada
We have been using OptiMantra in our busy clinic since January 2018. From the very beginning – importing all of our data from ClinicND and training our staff - the OptiMantra team listened to our needs and has continued to partner with us. The most impressive part of working with OptiMantra has been their willingness to listen to suggestions and actually act on them.
I find OptiMantra to be the most comprehensive EMR I have used, incorporating everything required in a fully integrated EMR for running a busy, multi practitioner office. You can run any office, large or small, from a single practitioner to multiple integrated multi-disciplinary practitioners with this program. I can do booking, charting, IV and al linjections, inventory control, and I never have to worry about backups, dataloss or data security, and it is fully compliant with all my licensing and regulatory needs. I also find the program intuitive and easy to learn.
I’ve been very impressed with OptiMantra. Check them out.
Drs DeBEase - Naturpathic Doctor - Chiropractor - AlternaCare Weightloss and Holistic Healthcare
Dr. Robert DeBease, DC, and Dr. Pamela DeBease, ND
AlternaCare WeightLoss and Holistic Healthcare
Newnan, GA
My wife is a naturopath and I am a chiropractor. In our past 20+ years as holistic healthcare practitioners, we've tried many programs. Some worked for some things, and others we had to completely remove because they were just not comprehensive enough.
We gave the OptiMantra team a try because they seemed to be more solution-oriented and had an easier platform to work with than other companies. Once we got working with them, their team consolidated all of our data into one program, from the different programs we were using for EMR and client management.
OptiMantra has helped reduce the workload at the front desk, improved our patient communication and has helped the doctors consolidate patient information and communications. Where the OptiMantra team really excels is in quality customer service. They have been responsive to our questions,  open to our suggestions, and have become our partners in serving our clients.
We highly recommend OptiMantra to our peers and the integrative medicine community.
Dr Marcheggiani - Naturopathic Doctor - Canada
Dr. Talia Marcheggiani, ND
Bloor West Wellness Clinic
Ontario, Canada
I'm very happy with the service. Love the prompt responses, the constant updates and improvements and communications.
I try to recommend OptiMantra to everyone who inquires about EMR services. 
Dr Passero - Naturpathic Doctor
Dr. Kevin Passero
Green Healing, Host of "The Essentials of Healthy Living"
Washington, DC
I am extremely happy with the interface and functionality created in OptiMantra. It does everything I need effortlessly and provides a very intuitive interface that has greatly streamlined my workflow and improved productivity and communication between myself and my staff.
I also want to thank the OptiMantra team for the prompt feedback and great customer service they have delivered throughout this process of getting started. The responsiveness is impressive and much appreciated.

Dr Patel - Ayurvedic Integrative Wellness Practitioner
Smita Patel, PhD
Smeeta's Wellness Center
Highland, MD
We've been using OptiMantra in our practice for several years at this point. It has simplified and improved the coordination between me and my staff. We also know we can rely on the OptiMantra team for training, support, or questions.
We could not imagine another program that allows us to do everything we need to manage our center - and our busy inventory - but is still as easy to get started on and maintain.
Dr. Ogilvie - Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Chris Ogilvie, ND
Integrative Health Center of Virginia
Falls Church, VA
OptiMantra has saved my business time and money with patient scheduling reminders, personalized EMR and a responsive support staff. I couldn't be happier with my OptiMantra experience.

At Affordable Pricing

Pay as you grow without being locked in a contract

+ $25 per additional practitioner
Up to 100 Patients Per Month
Online Booking
Automated Reminders and Texts
Group Emails
Custom Templates and Questionnaires
Customizable Charting
Electronic Labs and Prescriptions
Patient Portal and Messaging
Point of Sale and Integrated Payments
Fully Integrated Insurance Billing
Basic Data Import

+ $25 per additional practitioner
Unlimited Patients Per Month
Online Booking
Automated Reminders and Texts
Group Emails
Custom Templates and Questionnaires
Customizable Charting
Electronic Labs and Prescriptions
Patient Portal and Messaging
Point of Sale and Integrated Payments
Fully Integrated Insurance Billing
Basic Data Import and Customizations
Up to $499

Contact us for smaller clinics
Unlimited Practitioners
Online Booking
Automated Reminders and Texts
Group Emails and Texts
Custom Templates and Questionnaires
Customizable Charting
Electronic Labs and Prescriptions
Patient Portal and Messaging
Point of Sale and Integrated Payments
Fully Integrated Insurance Billing
Data Import and Customizations
Dedicated Implementation Support
Always including
Email Support
Phone Support
HIPAA and PHIPA Compliance

*Additional charges for 3rd party services
$25 per month per fax number
$25 per month per practitioner for electronic prescriptions
$35 per month for insurance billing
Discounts available for students, researchers, and community clinics and part-time practitioners (20 Hours or less per week)


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