Supporting You And Your Integrative Practice

Built Specifically For Naturopaths, Ayurvedics, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors And Massage Therapists

Increase Your Accessibility

Improve Quality of Care

Simplify Administration

Make your calendar available online, communicate securely with patients, use automated reminders and alerts to increase patient retention and grow your practice
Reduce time spent on accessing data and record keeping with customizable intake, SOAPs and charting notes, so you can spend more time with patients and improve work life balance
Upgrade your billing and insurance reimbursement processes in one integrated tool that improves transparency and maximizes front desk efficiency and increases collections

A Seamless Online Platform Customized To Your Needs

End-To-End And Easy-to-Use Solutions To Optimize Your Practice And Patient Workflow




Point of Sale



Optimize your appointments and reduce the scheduling burden on your front office by providing access to patients through our patient portal or sharing the calendar on your website
Our library of intake forms and customizable charting for Naturopaths, Ayurvedics, Chiropractors, TCM, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapists means you treat your patients your way
Manage your supplies without any hassle - check out a patient and your supply automatically reflects existing stock, receive a purchase order and your inventory updates
Get paid with easy HCFA and superbill creations that import directly from your charts, take card payments directly through the platform
Keep track of your practice with analytics that show you which patients have outstanding balances, which supplies you're running low on, which appointments are most popular and more
Communicate directly with patients through automated email and text reminders, engage them through our HIPAA-compliant online patient portal

Realize Significant Returns Within Months

Take advantage of the 38% of appointment searches that happen during off-hours
Improve charting productivity by 20% and reduce the likelihood of clinical errors
Decrease out-of-stock rates and save time creating purchase orders and tracking replenishments
Check out your clients in minute and save on transaction rates by swiping cards
Reduce the time you spend on balance statements and reimbursements by 25%
Improve patient appointment attendance by 8% and increase repeat visits

Hear Directly From Our Members

Continuous Innovation And Member Support At The Core Of OptiMantra's Mission

OptiMantra has saved my business time and money with patient scheduling reminders, personalized EMR and a responsive support staff. I couldn't be happier with my OptiMantra experience.
Chris Ogilvie, ND
With OptiMantra since 2012
Thanks to OptiMantra, our multi-practitioner practice is coordinated and effective. I have looked at other software and they don't come close. With OptiMantra, I can focus on growing my practice and my patients.
Jennifer Cruz, LAC
With OptiMantra since 2014
We've been using OptiMantra in our practice for years. It has simplified and improved the coordination between me and my staff. We also know we can rely on the OptiMantra team for training, support, or questions.
Smita Patel, PhD
With OptiMantra since 2011


Affordable Volume-Based Pricing






Under 50 Visits/Month Under 100 Visits/Month Over 100 Visits/Month + $19 Per Additional Practitioner

All Core Features

All Core Features

All Core Features

All Core Features

Email Support

Email Support

Email Support

Email Support

Phone Support

Phone Support

Phone Support

Phone Support

4 Hours On-boarding

8 Hours On-boarding

Basic data import included (patients, supplies, contacts)
Pricing is per practitioner per month
3rd Party services separate (eFax, eRx)
No commitment agreement
Significant price adjustments for - students, researchers, community clinics

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