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You can book an appointment right here on the website. After booking, you will get an appointment confirmation and a welcome email with forms to sign and questionnaires to fill out,  allowing  Dr. Cocke to begin your appointment already loaded with information about you!  
If you are new to Advanced MED ,  please book a New Consultation- not a return visit.
Dr. Cocke does not accept insurance or Medicare, but a super bill will be provided to you for reimbursement from your insurance company. Please check with your insurance company ’s reimbursement policy for out of network  specialist providers. We look forward to harmonizing your health!  


me to the practice where we help you cultivate your biome and harmonize your health! Look forward to having a personalized medical consult that entails a thorough history and timeline, labs and testing when necessary to get to the underlying root cause of your medical issues.  Please fill out as much of paperwork as you can - no worries if you cannot do it all.   But to maximize your visit- try to at least fill your problems that you want addressed, your current medications,  supplements and pertinent past family history.   


When booking your appointment, consider your complexity of issues to allow adequate time to discuss needs.

First visit to Advanced Med.
Please sign consents and fill out forms  48 hours prior to visit, so Dr. Cocke can spend all your time on you!
Schedule follow up if you have been seen by Dr. Cocke in the last 24 months. Please fill out the paperwork online prior to the appointment, so she can spend all the time on you!
First Visit to Advanced Med. Please fill out all the paperwork 48 hours  prior to your visit- so we can spend all the time on you!
Schedule follow up if you have had an initial consult or follow up appointment with Dr. Cocke within the last 24 months. Please fill out the paperwork  48 hours prior to appointment.