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PatientsThank you for booking with Wellside Health. We leverage a powerful and HIPPA secure EMR that allows you to track your health progress. Please select your services to start your health journey with us today! Select "Proceed" to move through the booking process. 
Select this visit if you have a new short term health concern such as pink eye, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, COVID symptoms, tooth ache/tooth infection, insect bites/stings, rash, sinus infection, UTI, yeast infection or minor injury (sprain or strain).
Select this visit if you have a recurring or long term health concern, such as acid reflux, acne, cold sores, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mental health or medication refill request. Please note, Wellside Health does not prescribe controlled medications, high risk or specialty medications that require close monitoring. 
Select this visit if you are looking to take preventative measures to get birth control, STD testing (treatment will be recommended if necessary), mammogram screening referral, colonoscopy screening referral or other specialist referral such as massage therapy, podiatry, etc.
This is for returning patients who are already within our system. We look forward to your return. Please book your time and we will continue to help you on your health journey. If you are a new patient, you will be directed to select an appointment above.