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Thank you for booking with Metamorphosis Medical & Wellness, I look forward to meeting with you! Please complete your onboarding forms 24 hours prior to our appointment. Make sure you have a quiet and private location to discuss your personal medical needs during our encounter.

PLEASE NOTE: As Metamorphosis Medical & Wellness is strictly a telehealth practice at this time, all consults will be conducted virtually via phone or video call. All communications via phone and video call are done using Spruce, a HIPAA compliant communication platform. You will be sent a text message with a secure link inviting you to join Spruce where you will be able to message with the provider and receive phone and video calls for your virtual appointments. Please ensure you have push notifications turned ON so you never miss a message! 
*For minor non-emergent care needs such as: cold, cough, sinus pain/infections, flu, urinary concerns, fungal/yeast infection concerns, skin rashes, poison ivy, oak, sumac, ear pain, pink eye, UTI's

*Medication refills can be performed if followed by a PCP 
 Refill WILL NOT be conducted of non-DEA controlled substances such as benzodiazepines or ADHD stimulants, Medical marijuana, sleep aides, or detox medications

Medical conditions not treated via telehealth: broken bones, excessive bleeding, chest pain, heart attack, stroke symptoms, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, severe head trauma, loss of consciousness, STDS can not be treated virtually and require testing; urinary infections of males any age or children under 18.

If you have complex or serious medical conditions or on multiple medications, telehealth is not ideal and you should seek in person evaluation. 
This is the first consultation ?and evaluation for your weightloss goals, order your labs, and order your medications. We will establish a daily calorie goal and basic exercise plan. 
We will discuss your progress, goals and evaluate your dosage and make changes if needed.