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A FREE 15-minute CHAT with our clinic director is a great place to start the conversation!
Do not come into the clinic - you will receive a call from a PRIVATE NUMBER.

Drew Klein, B.Sc. is the Clinic Director and President of FocusWave Clinic.
He is member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM) and completed his Focused Shockwave Therapy Certification in 2020.
Drew is a graduate of the Science faculty of the University of Waterloo (Honours Biology, 2000)

An initial call with Drew will help determine if you are a good candidate for Focused Shockwave Therapy and give you a chance to ask any questions about the treatment.
Book your initial IN-CLINIC consultation for treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Peyronie's Disease (PD), Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) or Urinary Incontience (UI).

Our team of medical professionals will determine your suitability for Focused Shockwave Therapy (FST).
Our treatment staff are both licensed by the college of their profession & certified FST clinicians.

Your IN-CLINIC Consultation may include several sexual wellness questionnaires, a physical exam, an in-depth discussion about your existing health condition, and a demonstration of the shockwave therapy equipment.
A treatment plan tailored to you will be suggested.

A deposit may be required to book this consultation.
If patient is NOT a candidate for shockwave therapy, the cost of the consultation ($99) still applies. 
Cancellation for any reason and No-Shows will be fully charged with no refund given.