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This appointment will be a monthly subscription for at home administration. You may cancel anytime as long as it is before the next subscription due date.
Full bag of fluids- 1000ml Normal Saline
Half bag of fluids- 500ml Normal Saline
After the Initial consultation. This appointment is every 3 months for the first 6 months, then every 6 months at a minimum there after.
New patients to our office who need annual exam (pap, breast exam) plus have a problem they want to discuss (UTI, vaginal infection, breast lump, hormones)
New patients to our office that need just an annual exam (pap, breast exam) with no additional concerns
This is for our existing patients who need an annual exam (pap, breast exam) and have an additional problem to be evaluated/discussed (UTI, vaginitis, STD, breast lump, etc)
January 2024 SPECIAL
This appointment is to collect patient history, review patient symptoms, benefits and risks of PELLET THERAPY or NON-PELLET THERAPY to determine which is the right option for the individual patient. If you decide to proceed the consultation fee will be applied to the pellet insertion appointment.
With this appointment, you can utilize one or all 4 of the services included (Infrared sauna, Red light therapy, halotherapy, chromotherapy). Individual sessions are $45 each after your introductory price of $30 for your first session. Membership options available as well for $90 for 4 sessions a month, and $150 unlimited.