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12 week semaglutide package

Comprehensive lab work to test for deficiencies, so nutrition and metabolic processes can be optimized. Recommendations for professional supplements  that will be discounted and shipped to your door.  Compounded semiglutide will be shipped to your home.  This also includes nutritional and lifestyle coaching through a downloadable App where you will have a personalized meal plan to include recipes, shopping lists, food tracker, along with exercise recommendations.  You will get extra support with this option with daily emails of motivation to help encourage you on your  journey.

Choose this if you would prefer a monthly recurring bill for your office visits, labs, professional grade supplement recommendations at a discounted price, access to our health app and medication mailed to your home.  Recurring monthly membership is hassle-free.
Looking for Thyroid optimization?  This package is only $125 per month.  This includes labs and  medication to optimize your thyroid function.  You also get access to our health app and professional grade supplement recommendations!
  Choose this appointment and for a limited time,  discuss our program and how we can help you create sustainable change!  This is a free 15 minute consultation for a limited time!  ($99 value)
Choose this if you are a current 3 month member and you are scheduling a follow up appointment
Choose this if you have already have had your labs drawn and initial appointment for evaluation of testosterone replacement therapy.  
If you are interested in Tirzepitide, this is the 3 month membership program that will include your comprehensive labs, Initial comprehensive appointment with your follow-up appointments all included;  access to our personal health app with lifestyle recommendations, recipes, shopping lists;   daily support emails, professional grade supplement recommendations and 3 months of medication shipped to your door with supplies included.
Choose this appointment if you are interested in evauation of labs and lifestyle for testosterone replacement therapy.  Visit includes comprehensive labs and follow up for detailed review with supplement and lifestyle recommendations.