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Deposits for new patient appointments are non refundable

Patients must be physically located in stare where provider is licensed

We reserve the right to bill patients for missed/ canceled appointments if not canceled with 24 hours notice

We are not primary care unless explicitly stated in writing, We have opted out of Medicare/ Medicaid

Follow up consultations provided by the Enrolled Doctor to a Participant after the First Consultation, the purpose of which is to follow-up the Participant's progress and assess the effectiveness of treatment

An individualized approach

To get to the root cause of any health issue, it’s crucial to have a care plan to address your unique chemistry and needs. Other areas of personalization include:

  • Supplement and nutraceutical matching

  • Nutrition and dietary counseling

  • Medications management

  • Integrative care team, including a holistic nutritionist, acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist, and integrative health coach

Innovative testing + diagnostics

To provide the best medical care with a holistic approach, integrative medicine relies on detailed health history, as well as biofeedback from:

  • Standard and integrative testing

  • Hormone testing

  • Gut function analysis

  • Nutritional status and deficiency

  • Genetic testing

  • Detoxification ability

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic analysis

The integrative medicine approach prioritizes your well-being in and outside of the doctor’s office. We know that being a partner in your health requires building a trusting relationship with your providers. 

  • Coordination of care (testing and diagnostics, supplements, outside referrals)

  • Direct provider email access – unlimited email access ensures your questions are always answered

Practitioners combine complementary therapies with traditional Western medicine

The path to feeling your best can be quite the journey, taking many twists and turns, and always looking differently for each person. With that said, it means employing the modalities of various disciplines helps a greater number of people reach their goals.

The integrative medicine approach employs the use of mind-body therapies like energy healing and stress management, as well as lifestyle modifications like healthy eating and evaluating sleep patterns. Therapies recommended include those from Eastern medicine to acupuncture, to traditional medication.

Every integrative medicine therapy is evidence-based, safe, and effective for patients.