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Here at To the Point IV (formerly known as IV Wellness and Mini Clinic), we take pride in providing you with superior and efficient care.  We recognize the value of your time and we want to ensure that your needs are met in a timely manner.  As a client (patient), you will always be evaluated by a Nurse Practitioner in our clinic.  Your visit will include an initial examination, a treatment plan, and IV infusion therapy if needed.  We offer a variety of IV hydration options that include several vitamin regimens that meet specific needs.  All of our clients will have an individualized plan tailored to their own unique requirements.  Our clinic is nestled away in a quaint corner and offers complete privacy and total relaxation.  

In addition to intravenous (IV) therapy, we offer: Primary care, Urgent care, Wellness exams, Rapid COVID, Rapid strep, Rapid flu tests, urinalysis, blood glucose testing, Injectable medications... and much more.  We have the capability to send blood work and specimens to our off-site laboratory at an affordable cost to you.  We understand the complexity of busy schedules so if you are unable to come to us for a visit, we offer concierge services to existing clients and we will come to you.  Our practice is a fee for service clinic and at this time we do not have x-ray capabilities. 

Why wait in line?  Protect yourself from other sick people, schedule an appointment today and get To The Point
This is the first consultation for IV therapy without treatment
Wellness/Annual Exam 
New Pt wellness preventative Exam - which includes basic wellness labs panel. 
Not feeling well and need to be evaluated by our provider and then get an infusion
EST Routine Medication and or lab f/u appt 
Moderate Sick Visit with multiple labs and RX; labs extra charge per test. 
There will be a link email or text to you a few minutes prior to your appointment time. 
Must have an initial medical evaluation by provider - whether in person or through tele med.  
Return client with medical evaluation needs along with an IV therapy. Medical evaluation will be at a discount of $65 with a same day infusion therapy. 
 (No Xray or imaging available or orthopedic injury)
For 500mg or more infusion therapy - 4 hours commitment 
In office injection service
Unsure if you need a traditional or a custom infusion - we will help guide you to which one will be the most beneficial for you.
This is for our existing patients coming back in for one of the traditional infusion from our menu selection.
Initial start of NAD infusion 250mg and will need an initial medical evaluation prior to start and trail of SQ injections.  Will need a 2 hours block.