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Our Semaglutide weight loss program is a safe and effective way to lose fat/weight, and is backed by science. We include your weekly visits, weight/measurements monthly, semaglutide weekly injections, twice monthly Ultraslim injections, and our patient favorite- 4-in-1 daily essentials isotonic vitamins. We also provide access to our complimentary nutrition resources and a discount code for ordering any other nutritional support vitamins/supplements to help keep you healthy for life!
Only $499 per month (valued at over $900!)
Botox reg. pricing is $12.00 per unit - total cost is dependent on amount used.
Dermal Filler reg. pricing ranges between $650-$850 per syringe depending on the product, and amount necessary to be used in particular treatment areas
Microneedling/Microchanneling pricing varies based on ingredients used and areas treated. Reg pricing $450-$650 per tx for face, neck, or décolletage, and $650 per tx for hair rejuvenation (utilizing Benev Exosomes). A series of treatments is necessary for optimal results. Consultation is complimentary. We are happy to assist you in choosing what is best for you. Package pricing available!
Get a boost of energy with Vitamin B12. B12 also supports mood, brain health, red blood cell formation, and helps decrease homocysteine levels and inflammation.



Target unwanted fat with MIC plus B12 and L-carnitine. These compounds support your body in metabolizing fat and maintaining energy levels. Also supports healthy cholesterol levels and liver detox.
Help strengthen your immune system with these powerful antioxidants- zinc, vitamin C & glutathione!
IV vitamin hydration -duration & pricing varies ($79-$249) depending on chosen treatment. Consultation is complimentary. You may choose from the menu during your appointment. We are happy to assist you in choosing what may be best for you. You are able to add vitamin shots to any other service, and IV drip/push options may be added to other services in some cases.
You may be able to receive your botox treatment at the same time too!
Glutathione is delivered through IV access slowly as a push and does not include hydration. Pricing varies between $79-$129 and is dependent upon the dosing. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and also promotes glowing skin.
Taurine is delivered through IV access as an IV push (does not include hydration). Pricing is $95. A few benefits of Taurine- supports athletic recovery, endurance and performance, assists with anxiety and focus and supports improvements in blood sugar management.
Vitamin C IV push alone $139, with add-on hydration $169
School, Camp, Sports Physical $25 for students
Sick or well medical visit. $89-$149 depending on new or established patient, type of consultation or service required.
We are happy to provide an assessment, review your concerns and goals, and develop a plan to refresh & rejuvenate your face and skin. Injecting a little confidence will have you looking rested and feeling like yourself again. We may treat during this visit as well.