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Routine Lab Dray
Please do not book this visit for a consult for Testosterone therapy or weight loss. Please book an in office consultation! Thank you. This is for an acute appointment for established clients only
Depending on the IV chosen bag, we may need additional time. I will contact you if this is required. 
We will go through general information, goals, answer all questions, examination, service fees and draw labs at this appointment. 

Men's lab testing is $200.00, this price can change if we order specialty testing.
Women's weight loss lab testing starts at $250.00

You will always know the price of your labs before any services are agreed upon
This appointment you return for medication supply and to learn how to administer the medication for yourself! 

Consent forms will be signed, medications will be dispensed or ordered at this time 
This may be a B12 shot, Peptide, Weight loss medication, or Testosterone. 
For established patients, medication refill pick up
This is a maintenance and follow up appointment to make sure all is going well and we continue medication refills and adjust as necessary.

Follow up lab testing for men is $75.00
Follow up lab testing for weight loss is $175.00
$11.00 per unit