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Virtual telehealth visit for med card renewal & processing. You will need to provide us with your OMMA login and upload photos for us to use. You will receive an email after you schedule with instructions on what to do prior to the appt. OMMA fee is additional and paid upon submission of your application. 
Virtual visit for New OK Med card adult & processing. There are no qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Oklahoma. All you need is a valid OK drivers license or State ID (or a US passport & an OMMA acceptable proof of residency documentation ), an email address you have access to , and Medicare, Medicaid, Sooner Care, or 100% disabled veteran cards or screenshot showing your eligibility, and a debit or credit card to pay OMMA 's fee after you have been approved. It takes about 3 weeks from the time we file your application for you to receive your card in the mail. We offer education and follow up to ensure you get the most out of your cannabis treatment. The card is good for 2 years. OMMA fees are additional and paid at the time we submit your application.
Pts under 18 years of age are required to have 2 doctors recommendations. Both are included. A birth certificate can be used for ID if they do not have a valid OK drivers license or ID. A parent or legal guardian must present same. The card is good for 2 years. They will need an OMMA account in their name. OMMA fees are additional and paid at the time application is submitted to them.

Patients under 18 years of age in OK are required to have 2 physicians recommendations. We are able to provide both of those at the same visit. They are required to have a parent or legal guardian on the license with them who must accompany them to purchase medical cannabis. We do ask for a clinical diagnosis if available, a birth certificate or State ID w/ photo for the minor, a valid DL or State ID for the parent, if you are a legal guardian we will need court documents, an email you have access to, Medicare, Medicaid, or Sooner Care cards or a screenshot from their websites showing their eligibility if applicable, and a debit or credit card to pay OMMA fee that is additional. The card is good for 2 years. We do offer education and follow up.
This means we are NOT filing with OMMA, you are. After you schedule the appt. you will receive an email from us explaining what you need to do prior to your appt. We will need a photo of your valid OK drivers license or State ID so the physician can complete your recommendation form. Once our physician approves you, we will send your recommendation form from our secure electronic health record portal for you to use for completing your application to OMMA.  The OMMA payment is separate and you will pay that when you submit it to them.