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Telephone consult-PAID.  Current patients can discuss health concerns with Dr Abrin at a rate of $3.00/min which is paid via credit card at the end of the telephone consult.
New patient visit extended-  TELEMEDICINE for ADULTS or CHILDREN
Well child exam-follow up age 5-18
Telemedicine appt via  the website with Dr Abrin.  Appt will last 30-45  minutes for chronic health concerns.

Wellness exam- follow up adult age 18 and up
Telemedicine appt via the website with Dr Abrin.  Appt will last 20 minutes for an acute  health concerns.

45 minute craniosacral therapy session. Gentle technique that corrects imbalances in cranial bones (skull) and rebalances cerebral spinal fluid rhythm.
Follow patient visit for  adult or child-25 minutes for cold, flu, ear infection or rash.