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Chiropractic exam and treatment for those patients who have been in an auto accident.  
Records, exam, adjustment and muscle work for those coming in for the first time or if its been more than a year since their last treatment. 
Exam, adjustment and muscle work. 
chiropractic treatment with muscle work
Chiropractic treatment ?for those with insurance
Chiropractic treatment for those with insurance who have not met their deductible.
Chiropractic treatment for those with no Insurance
Therapeutic massage tailored to your needs.  
Therapeutic massage tailored to your needs. 
During your first appointment for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) with Dr. Zurek, you'll chat about your medical history, symptoms, and conditions. Dr. Zurek will explain HBOT, sharing the benefits and addressing any concerns you might have. There might be a quick check-up, and if HBOT is a good fit, Dr. Zurek will lay out a plan, including logistics and follow-ups. Before diving in, you'll chat about everything, ensuring you're comfortable and well-informed. Dr. Zurek's goal is to make the process collaborative and reassuring, so you leave with a smile and a clear understanding of your HBOT journey ahead!