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If you have a preference on the practitioner that you see, please be sure to select their name from the drop box below. 
Please note, there is a $50 no show fee for any appointment not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. 
We look forward to seeing you soon. 
We offer a wide variety of fillers.  These can be used in the lips, cheeks, and nasolabial folds.   We also offer other specialized areas as well. 
This is a consultation is to start our weight loss program, these are done via TELEHEALTH from your phone or computer. No in-person appointment needed, if you would like to come in person, please let us know so that we can ensure a provider is available at the clinic. If you have already started medication and need a refill, please schedule a follow up appointment. 
 Skin tightening, fat remodeling, skin resurfacing. 
IV hydration therapy for many needs. You can choose which IV treatment you would like at your appointment time.
This laser treatment is for sun/aging spots on face, neck and chest. It evens skins tones as well. 
This service helps stimulate collagen and reduce acne scarring. 
We have a variety of VI Chemical Peel formulas that can target sun-damage spots, melasma, acne, acne scarring, and aging skin. VI Peel prices range from $175-$275 depending on your skin's needs & the level of strength. 
Sand blast away dead skin for soft, smooth, even skin on your face and neck. 
Mesotherapy is a technique that uses a variety of vitamins and enzymes to rejuvinate and tighten skin, as well as reduce fat.   Also known as Kybella. 
Scleroptherapy helps reduce spider veins in the legs. If you have spider veins on your face, neck, or chest, please select the lumecca laser service. 
Uses a tool (scalpel) to remove peach fuzz & the top layer of dead skin cells. Allows for better product absorption and smoother makeup application. 
Milia, blackheads, pimples, etc. 
A relaxing, cleansing facial that includes a Dermaplaning, mask, massage, and more!
A machine-based facial that includes exfoliation, glycolic peel, extractions, serum infusion, and hydrating antioxidants, and LED therapy. Pairs great with dermaplaning. 
this should be 4-6 weeks post their initial pellet
These are the labs to get before being pelleted for the first time or a new patient that does not know their dose or have previous labs. 
NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS APPOINTMENTS. Your appointment will be cancelled if this service is used for weight loss. 
Select this service if you have an acute illness that you may need treatment for. Examples include: cough, cold, flu, urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection, or sinus infection. Please do not schedule appointment for any chronic health concerns. 
Shaping of eyebrow with waxing.
A basic relaxing facial that includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, mask + massage, and finishing serums. 
Best for teens 
Our oxygen facial uses different products to increase oxygen brought to the skin. This can increase collagen and elastin, increase healing time, decrease acne and much more! These facials leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed!
This appointment is for patients that are already on medication and need a refill. This appointment is for in-person meeting. 
This is a face-to-face appointment to begin weight loss medication. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. 
Appointment to follow-up and reorder bottle, this appointment is for patients who are currently taking weight loss medication and need a refill. Please do not schedule this appointment if you are new to our clinic. 
This is for the CO2 resurfacing Coolpeel or tetra laser treatments.