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New OK Med card adult & processing. We complete your application to the State, OMMA. OMMA fee is additional and paid at the time we submit your application.
Virtual/telehealth appointment for a NEW med card for a minor (1). Must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. This is for 1 recommendation form either 1st or 2nd only. Choose 2 doctors recs if you need us to do both. OMMA fee is additional and collected at the time the application is submitted.
Virtual telehealth visit for med card renewal & processing. OMMA fee is additional and paid upon submission of your application.
OK requires 2 doctors recs for patients under 18 years of age. This is for both at one appt.) Completing the OMMA application is provided by us as well. Parents or legal guradians required to be present. Diagnosis required for children under 12 and follow up required in 3-6- months. OMMA fee is separate and paid upon submission of the application.
OK med card renewal & processing if renewal is open in OMMA (if renewal in OMMA is not open new patient fees will apply) OMMA fee is additional to be paid at the time we submit your application.
Minor renewal with both doctors recommendations.   OMMA fees are separate and will be collected when the renewal applications are submitted to them. 
Completing your OMMA application, new or renewal,  for a patient recommendation from someone outside our organization or a caregiver application. There are no OMMA filing fees for caregiver applications. Any OMMA filings are additional and to be paid to OMMA at the time of submission.
You need a valid Oklahoma driver's license or State ID, Medicare, Medicaid, or Sooner Care Cards, or a letter from the DOD dated in the last 6 months if you are 100% disabled veteran, a debit or CC for the OMMA payment (not included), and you must be able to receive an email on your cell phone so we can register you with the state. You can go to OMMA.OK.GOV prior to your appointment and register with an email and password that you will need to bring with you in order to expedite things.