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This is a first time Spinal adjustment/manipulation visit.  This visit includes collecting health and personal data, a low level simple evaluation(10 min) (not intended for injury or complex cases). Should your history indicate a higher level evaluation is needed, you will have the option to choose before we begin the examination.
Spinal manipulation by Dr. Cooke or Chiropractic adjustment By Dr. Lee
This is a 15 minute appointment time
1/2 Massage by a Naturopathic doctor
1 hr massage with Dr. Cooke
This is for patients that have been active within the last 3 years
1/2 Hour massage with a spinal manipulation with Dr. Cooke
This is a 1 hr massage and a naturopathic manipulation by Dr. Cooke
Family visit within a 45 minute time up to 4 people.  Must live in the same residence. 20 dollars  per additional person.  Maximum 6 to a visit
This is the evaluation for custom foot orthotics.   This fee is included in the cost of the orthotics, if ordered from our office
This is a physical exam for sports, employment or general health
This is required if you have not seen another doctor for your condition within a year since your last certification or new certification.  
New patient Medical Marijuana evaluation.  If you have not received a certification from our office within the last 3 years
This service is only available to existing medical marijuana certification holders who have received their last certification from our office within the last 3 years
Spinal manipulation by a Naturopathic Doctor
Tens frequency visits per 30 minutes using the wellness Pro Unit
Up to 4 in the same household, each additional adult is $10, each additional child is $5