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Thank you for booking with us. Note there is a $50 late cancelation/ no show fee. Please call if you need to reschedule before 24 hours from your appointment time. 
15 minute phone call to discuss your health challenges, what you are looking for and to see if our services can help.
This is the 90 minute comprehensive consultation that includes an evaluation, vitality treatment plan and acupuncture treatment.
Brief initial new patient visit to establish care for hormones or facial rejuvenation services. 
Comprehensive new patient child visit <16yo to establish care and develop treatment plan.
Special Limited FB Offer for new patients to discuss hormone health
30 minutes session that includes acupuncture
15 minute brief follow up
15-30 minute consult for established patients.
1 hour acupuncture session
15 minutes of cupping alone or added to service 
b-vitamin shot
Vitamin B shot with fat burners
A quick 5-10 minute appointment to draw blood for lab services. 
Myers IV vitamin push
First hormone insertion for f emale
Initial and repeat male pellet insertion
Follow up hormone pellet
RF treatment for the eyes
RF treatment for belly, arms or flank
Whole legs, belly or back
Vaginal rejuvenation with RF 
Dysport for crows feet, forehead, angry lines and small lines of the face. 
Use of hyaluronic acid filler to volumize the nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks and under eyes. 
Adding lifting threads and smooth threads for lifting wrinkled skin, collagen building, and improving skin quality. 
Injections of dextrose and lidocaine for pain in joints
New patient visit to establish care and come up with a treatment plan