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Welcome to FemmeCare Health & Wellness! We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your health and wellness goals. If a date or time does not work for your schedule, feel free to call or email us and we can try our best to accommodate. 

This FREE virtual assessment with one of our medical providers will allow them to assess your health and wellness needs while answering any questions you might have about our new weight-loss programs. You must fill out the questionnaires prior to the appointment. This will allow the provider to review your case prior to the visit. 
This visit is intended to address specific concerns that you have such as earaches, rashes, cold symptoms, etc. This is meant to be a quick appointment where the provider can virtually examine your symptoms and provide advice or prescribe medication to help. If medications are necessary, the medications will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. If a follow-up visit is required for the medication, the provider will inform you of the need to self-schedule a follow-up appointment. This is vital to ensuring that your problem is resolved. 

If we cannot treat your symptoms or illness, you will be refunded 100%!

Common Conditions Treated:
Sore Throat
Upper Respiratory Infection
Asthmatic flair up
Eye and ear infections
UTI and bladder infections
Vaginal infections
and many, many more
Experience a new level of convenience with FemmeCare's in-home healthcare services in the Greater Peoria, IL area. Say goodbye to long wait times in traditional waiting rooms and exam rooms. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we bring our services directly to you. While some restrictions may apply and not all services can be provided at home, our dedicated team will work with you to ensure your needs are met. The cost for a home visit is $149 for those who are not Gold/Platinum CareVisit clients. For existing CareVisit clients seeking an in-person home visit, simply select this option for added comfort and convenience which is included in your monthly fee. Let FemmeCare take the hassle out of healthcare. 
Select this option if you are currently enrolled as a patient in the CareVisit program and wish to schedule a virtual appointment with your healthcare provider or nursing team. Upon selection, you will receive a confirmation email containing the appointed date and time, along with a brief health form. The completion of this form will aid us in ascertaining the type of assistance you require. Thank you for choosing CareVisit for your healthcare needs.
Please select the "CareVisit New Patient Virtual Visit" option if you are new to our practice. This comprehensive program includes an initial visit where our provider and nursing team will conduct a detailed intake assessment of your health needs. During this session, we will also discuss your health goals and provide a thorough explanation of the CareVisit program. Additionally, we will assist you in setting up your billing information.  
A one-time initiation fee of $39 will be collected at the time of booking. Following the booking of your initial appointment, you will receive an email confirmation containing the date and time of your visit. This email will also include a link to access and complete our consent and health history forms online before your appointment. Thank you for choosing our practice. We look forward to providing you with quality care and support on your health journey.