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Welcome to FemmeCare Health & Wellness! We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your health and wellness goals. If a date or time does not work for your schedule, feel free to call or email us and we can try our best to accommodate. 

This FREE virtual assessment with one of our medical providers will allow them to assess your health and wellness needs while answering any questions you might have about our new weight-loss programs. You must fill out the questionnaires prior to the appointment. This will allow the provider to review your case prior to the visit. 
This visit is intended to address specific concerns that you have such as earaches, rashes, cold symptoms, etc. This is meant to be a quick appointment where the provider can virtually examine your symptoms and provide advice or prescribe medication to help. If medications are necessary, the medications will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. If a follow-up visit is required for the medication, the provider will inform you of the need to self-schedule a follow-up appointment. This is vital to ensuring that your problem is resolved. 

If we cannot treat your symptoms or illness, you will be refunded 100%!

Common Conditions Treated:
Sore Throat
Upper Respiratory Infection
Asthmatic flair up
Eye and ear infections
UTI and bladder infections
Vaginal infections
and many, many more
Are you tired of sitting in a waiting room for over an hour to then sit in an exam room for another hour? Those days are now over. FemmeCare understands that you are extremely busy. Let us come to you. We will travel within the Greater Peoria, IL area and will come to you. Certain conditions do apply and not all services can be provided within your home. One of our nurses will reach out to you after confirmation to ensure that we can provide the requested services. 
Select this visit if you want to be assessed and treated for sexual health problems or suspected hormonal problems. This includes: Sexual dysfunction, libido problems, painful intercourse, menopausal problems, etc. This appointment can also be used if you are having problems with PCOS. If medications are indicated, they will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice so insurance can be used to cover the cost of the medication. If laboratory testing is indicated, this can be faxed or sent to the lab or your choice for testing. This is a very thorough appointment. Forms will be sent to you to fill out so that the provider will be able to more quickly assess your unique situation prior to the visit. 
Select this visit if your provider has ordered weekly injectable medication this includes (but is not limited to) Semaglutide "Ozempic/Wegovy".  This price covers your monthly assessment with your provider, guidance on diet and exercise, personalized plans, and the cost of all weight-loss medications and supplies (as deemed necessary by your provider). All medications will be shipped to your home address through our online pharmacy. If Tirzepatide (Mounjaro) is requested and selected, an additional fee will apply because of the additional cost of this medication. This will be discussed in the consultation. 
Select this service if you are being prescribed oral weight loss medication. This reoccurring monthly fee includes your required monthly virtual visit, weight loss monitoring, mental health assessments, and medications shipped directly from our compounding pharmacy to your home. 
Select this service if you need birth control services. This appointment will allow one of our medical providers to virtually assess you to determine which birth control option is best for you. Because this is a virtual appointment, IUD's and Nexplanon devices are not being utilized. Our provider will explain the differences between the various types of birth control and will help you decide which one is right for you. This birth control will then be sent to your pharmacy for you to pick up. All birth control appointments require a follow-up virtual visit 1 month after starting the medication. This is necessary to ensure that the medication is effective and to allow the provider to determine if you are having any side effects that require intervention. 
Select this option for any follow-up birth control visits. 
Are you feeling down and know something is just not right? Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Feeling hopeless and don't know what to do next? Make an appointment and let our provider assess you. There are so many options available to people, including medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes, but being assessed is the first step. Make an appointment with us so we can work with you to reclaim your mental health. 
If medications are deemed appropriate, they will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

** A follow-up visit is required in 4 weeks to ensure the medications are working appropriately. Your provider will prompt you to schedule this appointment prior to finishing your initial visit. 
Select this if you have already been seen and treated by the provider for anxiety or depression. This visit will be used to ensure you are doing well on your medication and to evaluate if any changes are needed to help you feel at your best.