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NEW PATIENTS with DOCTORS:  please book a 15 minute call with our new patient coordinator to get established. 

  • Dr. Ali focuses on: hormonal issues, thyroid problems, women’s health, adrenal/fatigue, autoimmune disease, metabolism and weight loss
  • Dr Krieger focuses on: integrative oncology, digestive issues, men’s health, primary care
  • Dr. Eryn focuses on: pediatric–kids and babies, family care, peri-natal care, mental health
  • Dr. Day focuses on: joint health, aesthetic medicine
  • RETURN PATIENTS with DOCTORS: Book online with your specific doctor: Dr Ali, Dr Krieger, Dr Eryn, Dr Day. 

If you have questions or difficulties please call or text the office at 406-586-2626.

We look forward to meeting you! 

CPT - 99214 Follow-Up Visit
CPT - 99441 PC Brief
CPT - S0612
CPT - 99204 New Patient Visit 
Infant < 12 mo old well child exam (ROC)
Age 1-4 yo well child exam (ROC) 
Age 5-11 yo well child exam (ROC)
Age 12-17 yo well child exam (ROC)