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NEW PATIENTS with DOCTORS:  please book a 15 minute call with our new patient coordinator to get established. 

  • Dr. Ali focuses on: hormonal issues, thyroid problems, women’s health, adrenal/fatigue, autoimmune disease, metabolism and weight loss
  • Dr Krieger focuses on: integrative oncology, digestive issues, men’s health, primary care
  • Dr. Eryn focuses on: pediatric–kids and babies, family care, peri-natal care, mental health
  • Dr. Day focuses on: joint health, aesthetic medicine
  • Dr. Maly focuses on: primary care, acute visits, general naturopathic care

RETURN PATIENTS with DOCTORS: Book online with your specific doctor: Dr Ali, Dr Krieger, Dr Eryn, Dr Maly, Dr Day. 

FOR Integrative Body Work, please book with Josh Overcash or Adam Burke. 

If you have questions or difficulties please call or text the office at 406-586-2626.

We look forward to meeting you! 

PT 10 Min
CRP 15 Min
FSH 15 Min
GGT 15 Min
LH 15 Min
TSH 15 Min
LDH 15 Min
C3a 10 Min
C4a 10 Min