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Yearly Wellness Visit 
Single B12 injection
Labs, prescriptions included. Full STD panel with urinalysis
Lab work
Initial Consultation
Designed to improve fat transport and burning, The Skinny IV infusion speeds up your metabolism and helps you shed weight in a fast, safe way that works even better in combination with diet and exercise.
Need the effects of beauty rest but don’t necessarily have the time for it? In less than 45 minutes The Glow Up IV infusion will help your skin glow, have your nails and hair looking and feeling healthier.
Standard Nornal Saline IV Bags
~1000ML $15 additional (Applies to most infusions)
Oral Appetite suppressant *$100-$150
3 day a week recommendations (Monthly prices)
Lipo MIC B $90-160                       Lipo MIC C $100-200                   Dual Therapy (Combination of both) $95-$175

Boost your metabolism, enhance natural energy, and lose weight faster. This infusion is designed to jumpstart your metabolism while replenishing your body with essential nutrients.
Monthly option for Semaglutide injections
*(Price increases months 3+)
Monthly option for Tirzepatide injections
*(Price increases months 3+)