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Contraception consultation and prescription as appropriate.  Let me help you find the best family planning method, so you can become pregnant on your terms, or not become pregnant on your terms!
Contraceptive pills, Contraceptive patches, Contraceptive rings are convenient forms of contraception that are easy for patients to control. 
Telehealth appointment.
Are you under the weather and want to avoid urgent care? Within offers some evening & weekend appointment times, so you can see a Nurse Practitioner you know and trust. Some examples of telehealth appropriate appointments include: UTI’s, yeast infections, acid reflux, common illness, N/V/D, headaches, return to work clearance. 
No treatment for chronic pain. 
Labs ordered as appropriate.
An in-person physical exam.  
Together we will determine your health goals and order lab work to determine a foundational plan of care. Appropriate medications will be prescribed based upon your goals. We can discuss what medications you are qualified for specific to your health needs.. 

Overweight individuals have a BMI >25-30, Obese is a BMI >30, Morbid Obesity is BMI >36. However, if you have certain health conditions, some medications may be more appropriate for you than others. Together we will determine your plan of care to promote weight loss and prevent future disease. 

Monthly follow-up appointments are required to appropriately monitor your weight loss and adjust medication dosages as necessary. Medication costs are separate at this time.  

Individualized and evidence-based care. Appropriately scheduled follow-up visits to ensure you are receiving adequate therapy and improvement/resolution of symptoms. 

Supplements, Hormone Therapy, Education. Labs ordered as appropriate.
Individualized evidence-based care. Supplements, Hormone Therapy, Education. Labs ordered as appropriate.

Evaluation, lab work, and medication and/or supplements; appropriately personalized to your health needs.