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New patient must book initial consult.  Routine patient may book a routine follow up Appointment. You can reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours before the appointment.  If you do not show up to your In person or Telehealth visit you are subject to a cancellation fee. There are new initial consult fees that are due at the time of booking if you miss your appointment your fee will not be refunded but we will gladdly get you rescheduled for a new time if needed at no additional cost. We look forward to seeing you at Essential Integrative Health and Wellness.
Book online for vitamin injection only from vitamin selection of B12 or Glutathione
each vitamin varies in price call the office for pricing
. initial hair consultation at this appointment, We will evaluate your current hair condition review any services that may help your hair. 
This is the first consultation on your healthy lifestyle journey. Book this appointment if your interested in starting your weight-loss journey. This consultation includes your initial visit where we will review you medical history complete a physical exam. If you have had lab work done within the last 3–4 months, please bring the result to your visit. We will review your result and come up with a detailed plan of action for you. If you do not have recent  labs, don't worry, we can give you an order for updated labs to do with your preferred outpatient lab facility. You will also receive a follow up visit included with your inital consult
Cosmetic consult for neuromodulators (botox, xeomin) At this appointment we will review your medical history and review your desired look. This appointment can be done in person or online via Telehealth. This appoinment includes facial mapping and pre procedure photos and physical assesment of the face. A scheduled prodeure day will be following your consultation.
Schedule a session for our body composition analysis to calculate your BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage, visceral body fat,  basic metabolic rate and so much more If you do not have a  free or discounted voucher for this service, the cost is $10 per scan.
This appointment is required after any Neuromudlator procedure.  A two week follow up on your ( botox, Xeomin or Jeaveau) procedure follow up photos 
follow up visit for weight loss services . This appointment is for any clients already enrolled in our weightless services Pricing may vary depending on current weight loss package chosen.
This package consists of
1. Health Assesment.
2. one Vitamin B12 injection
3. 12 weekly Group health and accountability coaching
4. one health journal and habit tracker

First Group Sessions Starts April 6th @ 6:30 pm -7:00pm for welcome meeting online
Then routine group sessions meet on Saturday online from 12:00 to 12:45pm
Group virtual boot camp  30 min session and 20 meal prep plan
Personal Training  30 min virtual session and group virtual boot camp and meal prep plan for 20 meals