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New patient naturopathic appointments will need scheduled by calling our office at 330-682-0562. A deposit of $150 will be required to book this appointment and will go towards the total due on the day of your scheduled appointment. 
Naturopathic follow up
1st acupuncture appointment - New patients only
Acupuncture visit - established patients only
30 minute follow up and acupuncture session - established patients only
Initial NET (Neuroemotional technique) session.  For more information on this technique, visit
You do NOT need to be an established Allium patient to be seen for this technique
30 minute NET session
30 minute NET session and 45 minute acupuncture session.  Established patients only
This is for a brief visit where the entire 30 minutes is not needed.
This technique utilizes himalayan bowls on the body to identify which areas of the body are not vibrating at the frequency that they should be. The act of vibrating the bowls in a repeated pattern will improve your internal vibration, helping you return to resonating at the authentic frequency for you. 
Functional medicine health coaching for patients who have already received a treatment plan with Dr. Cook or Dr. Liz.
Functional Medicine Health and Wellness coaching for new patients that are not currently under a treatment plan with Dr. Cook and/or Dr. Liz