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Initial Consultation- Opportunity to discuss with the practitioner your condition and whether we will be able to help you.  You decide at the end if you would like to proceed with the treatment plan.  Consultation itself could range from 20 minutes to 75 minutes depending upon the case complexity.  There is generally room to begin a treatment plan should you decide to proceed.  
This service does not include the intake/consultation. It is the treatment only and may include any of the following: Acupuncture, electroacupuncture, tuina, cupping, nutritional counseling, mind/body instruction, herbal counseling, Frequency Specific Microcurrent...basically anything to treat.
This is an in person consultation for chinese herbs and/or nutritional therapy.  It does not include any other modalities. Nor does it include the cost of the herbs.  If you would like a telemedicine consultation instead, please choose that option.
This includes: facial acupuncture, Celluma light therapy and microcurrent on the face and neck.  This does not include a body treatment.  If you would like a body treatment also, you can request it as an add-on.
This service includes the facial acupuncture and Celluma light therapy only.  This does not include a body treatment.  If you would a body treatment, you may request it as an add-on.
This treatment is a half hour long and does not involve an intake. It is simply to come in and have a quick stress relief treatment with a predetermined set of points. You may be in the group area separated by a drape for this session rather than in a private room.  If you have never been a patient at SiShou, you will need to do an Initial Consultation first.