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Welcome to Our Online Appointment Scheduler!

New Patients: After requesting an appointment here, you will receive a confirmation email that includes links to the required intake forms for your appointment. Try to be specific about the reason for your visit (e.g. menopause, hormone balancing, sexual medicine, pelvic pain, birth control, etc.), so that we can better tailor your intake forms to your needs.

Returning patients: We have switched our patient portal to Optimantra. Please take a moment to LOGIN and update your information.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please call our office at (208) 510-0261.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Jill R. Gustafson, MSN, CNM
Owner, Quantum Women's Health

This is for new patients to establish care with our office. 
Follow up office visits are for established patients. 
Lab Draw
This is for lab draw or specimen collection only. 
This is a virtual appointment for new patients who want to establish care with us for peri/menopause, sexual health, or contraception, but are not able to travel to Boise for appointments. 

If you are a Telehealth patient who is new to our practice, you must:
- attest that you are physically present in the state of Idaho during your virtual appointment
- submit your health records to us at least 72-hours prior to your Telehealth visit with us (via email or fax). Records do not need to be full records of all previous care received. Records must include documentation of at least one recent history and physical with a licensed medical provider (in the past 12 months). Lab results alone are not sufficient to meet the criteria for Telehealth care.  Records can be uploaded to your patient portal or faxed to (208) 225-4243. If you would like assistance obtaining your medical record, you may fill out a records release form (included in the "Forms" section of your Patient Portal) and our office will obtain your records for you. Please submit your request at least 2 full weeks prior to your appointment to give us adequate time to receive your records, as these transfers can take busy medical offices some time to fulfill. Please note that your appointment will need to be rescheduled if we have not received records by 72 hours prior to the day of your scheduled visit. 

For patients who are interested in our peri/menopause coaching services and live outside of the state of Idaho, please call our office at (208) 520-01261 to inquire about our Women's Health Coaching services.
This is a virtual Telehealth appointment for pregnant or postpartum patients who have acute care concerns that are unable to be met by their current midwife or OB-GYN provider, such as contraception, STI treatment, medication refills, vaginitis, mastitis, etc. We are not taking patients for birthing care at this time. 

Please note that if your condition is determined to require a higher level of specialty care than we can provide via Telehealth, we will consult with other specialists on your behalf or, if necessary, refer you to the most appropriate in-person care options.  

In order to receive Telehealth care from us as a pregnant or postpartum person, you must:
-attest that you are physically present in the state of Idaho during your appointment
-submit to us a copy your current pregnancy records (from your current midwife or obstetrics provider) at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled Telehealth appointment with us. Records can be uploaded to your patient portal, or submitted to us via fax (208) 225-4243. If we have not received your records at least 72h prior to your appointment, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. Please call our office at (208) 510-0261 if you would like our assistance in obtaining your health records.