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The rapid test can analyze nasal swabs and provides results in 20 mins
The price varies.  After you book your appointment you will receive a call or you can call us and we will discuss the test and cost.  
Blood test with a drs order. Your insurance will cover the cost of the Lab running the test. 
A shot of B12 will boost your immune system, metabolism, energy, and focus. This shot is also great for vegans! We use Methylcobalamin, the purest and most powerful form of B12
This is a lipo-B injection with an amino acid blend. Vit B12, and Vit B6. Lipotropic injections are used to help release fat through the body by targeting primary fatty deposits. This shot works to increase metabolism, break down carbohydrates, and boost energy levels to help you in your weight loss journey. Give your body the extra kick it needs!
The Ultimate immunity booster all in one quick injection! This formula contains glutathione, vitamin C, and zinc essential vitamins and antioxidants to boost the immune system.  This injection is perfect during cold/flu season, before/after travel, or during active illness. This shot is also the perfect booster in between immunity IV infusion sessions!
Feeling low in energy, fatigued, muscle/bone aches, low in mood? Your vitamin D might be low! This shot contains a high dose of the essential Vitamin D3
Your ultimate immunity booster drip. Feeling under the weather or been around sick people? Boost your immune system with this hydration drip infused with B complex, Vit C, and Mineral Blend