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If this is your first visit to Pure Health Alliance and would like to use health insurance, please select this option. 

We accept the following insurance: 
  • American Specialty Health - Kaiser, Scripps, Blue Shield HMO, Scan, Sharp, Centene, Healthnet
  • Aetna HMO/PPO
  • Anthem HMO/PPO 
  • Blue Shield PPO and Federal Employee Program 
  • Cigna HMO/PPO
  • Medicare Advantage Plans HMO/PPO 
  • Scripps Physician Medical Group (SPMG)
  • Optum VEBA 
  • United Health Care HMO/PPO
  • VA Community Care
  • Workers Compensation (e.g., Medrisk, Sedgwick, Corvel, etc.)
Most insurance plans cover the following conditions only: 
  • Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome defined: Conditions with associated musculoskeletal signs and symptoms related to a sensation of hurting or strong discomfort caused by an injury, illness, disease, functional disorder, or condition. 
  • Nausea defined: Nausea/vomiting related to cancer chemotherapy, pregnancy and the post-operative period.
  • Abdominal/Pelvic Pain: This includes pain related to abdominal/pelvic conditions but does not apply to treatment of internal or systemic causes of the pain.
If you're seeking treatment aside from the above conditions, the appointment may not be covered by insurance. 
If this is your first visit to Pure Health Alliance and are not going through health insurance, please select this option. 

Out of Pocket Acupuncture with Dr. Harrington
Insurance Acupuncture with Dr. Harrington
If this is your first time receiving facial rejuv acupuncture at Pure Health Alliance, select this option.

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