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For 1st time patients, please select initial visit but if you have several complex conditions you want to address then select initial visit complex case. Please upload recent labs no later than 24hrs before visit. If you have questions, please email or call. I look forward to talking to you soon! 
This is the first consultation. Dr. Brown will go over pre-visit paper work, labs (if any are uploaded), questions, your immediate goal and recommendation plan. 
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For patient that have 3 or more health conditions. Initial paperwork, labs and patient concerns will be addressed. Follow up visit will be schedule for next appointments unless a new complaint arises. 
Touch bases on how your are doing since the initial visit. Dr. Brown will review how current treatment plans is going, labs (if any were ordered) and concerns you may have about treatment. 
If there is a new complaint, Please schedule visit under "new complaint".
If initial visit is less than 1 year ( 12 months), please schedule an initial visit. Dr. Brown needs more time for the visit. 
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If you are already an existing patient (last visit within the last yr/ 12 months) with a new complaint, please schedule a visit. If it has been more than a year since last visit, please schedule an initial visit. 
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Discuss interpretation of labs with patient. 
$100 for 5 or less labs. Price increases with more labs. $150 for 6 to 8 labs. If more that 8 labs, Price will be discussed during free consultation.