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Welcome to Nephesh/Evolution Hyperbaric Inc Online Booking. 
  • Movement For Lyfe Free 15 Minute Introduction Call 15 mins 0.00 Select

    This call is an initial introduction for both the student and teacher to decide if working together will be beneficial for the student to begin moving forward in developing and practicing their Personally Designed, "LYFEstyle" Transformation Program. The LT Program is designed to equip the student with the right tools in their journey of seeking balance in their overall health & wellness.

  • New or Refill Prescription Request 30 mins 50.00 Select

    Brief Medical history with focused consult to determine safety and eligibility for requested prescription

  • Movement for Lyfe Detailed Initial Private Training Session 60 mins 100.00 Select

    *Review outline of first 6 weeks.
    *Set & agree upon goals & expectations.
    *Q & A for student to ask
    *Begin learning the first set of "Tool Belt" exercises designed for the student to experience immediate results.
    *Schedule next LYFEstyle Training Session, if not already set.

  • Pycho-Synthesis Session 60 mins 75.00 Select

    30 min to 1 hour coaching call

  • HYBERBARIC 1 Hour Session 60 mins 250.00 Select

    Book your 1 hour session here. Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and sign consents. Please avoid hairspray, jewelry fresh nail polish or lotions the day of treatment

  • Detailed 1 hour Initial/follow up Appointment 60 mins 250.00 Select

    Full medical history to assess priotities of treatment plans. Further testing will be discussed and treatments initiated

  • Free 15 minute information Consultation 15 mins 0.00 Select

    Screening call to determine how Nephesh can be of service.  Also a quick call to learn about how nutrigenomic testing and lifespan testing may be a fit for your health and longevity  potential

  • 30 minute Appointment 30 mins 150.00 Select

    Appointment to review any ordered tests and initiate treatments based on results

  • Heart Print Full Package with Electroceuticals 60 mins 2,600.00 Select

    • 10 PlasmaRx™ Hyberbaric Sanctuary treatments
    • Patented in chamber diagnostics to personalize oxygen pressures
    • Initial Heart Rate Variability HRV
    • Initial Consultation with Wendy Finkelstein PA-C, MMS and Dr.
    • Raja? Complimentary pre-treatment Hydrogen water and Mito-Nutrients
    • Complimentary Karnozin Extra bottle (120Pills) ?
    • Access to Electroceuticals, PEMF, Photo-biomodulation ($250 added fee)

  • Heart Print Package WITHOUT Electroceuticals 60 mins 2,350.00 Select

  • Heart Print Program Hyperbaric Session (prepaid) 60 mins 0.00 Select

    This is for those patients who are enrolled in or Heart Print Program. Please book 3 session daily in a row. You have a total of 10 sessions 

  • Prepaid 30 minute Appointment 30 mins 0.00 Select

    This is if you have prepaid ahead of time for the 50% off special

  • Prepaid 1 hour Appointment 60 mins 0.00 Select

    This is if you prepaid 50% off for hour appointment

  • Heart Rate Variability Test 30 mins 125.00 Select

    This is a test that measures your metabolic resiliency. Individuals with high HRV seem to be better able to cope with stress while those with low HRV are more susceptible to DIS-ease. Measuring HRV is one of the most intelligent biofeedback devices. It is non-invasive and takes about 30-45 minutes. NO FOOD our Caffeine 2 hours prior.  Your test includes interpretation and recommendations

  • Hormone Results Appointment 30 mins 150.00 Select

    This appointment is to review hormone labs. Consents need to be signed if bio-identical hormone treatment is started

  • Cosmetic Appointment 30 mins 0.00 Select

    This is a cosmetic appointment at 
    3608 Miramontes Circle 
    Wellington Florida

    For any questions call 954-632-1249

  • Electroceutical Appointment 60 mins 125.00 Select

    Includes Full Intake by Nursing Staff
    15min Consult with Wendy Finkelstein PA-C,or Dr. Raja
    Heart Rate Variability HRV (Either Before or After Electroceutical Treatments)
    One Photo-biomodulation (PBM): Vielight 20 minute session
    One 8min post-electrical Magnetic Frequency (PEMF)