Appointment Scheduler

Nephesh Health LLC

3608 Miramontes Cir Wellington FL 33414

  • Detailed Intitial Consult 60 mins 200.00 Select

    Full medical history to assess priotities of treatment plans. Further testing will be discussed and treatments initiated

  • Hormone/Peptide Consult 60 mins 200.00 Select

    Designed to get a thourough medical history and priotize treatment plan. Further testing may be recommended

  • Lab Review 30 mins 150.00 Select

    Appointment to review any ordered tests and initiate treatments based on results

  • Refill Prescripton Existing Patient 15 mins 0.00 Select

    A quick call to see if eligible for a refill

  • Free 15 minute Consultation 15 mins 0.00 Select

    Screening call to determine how Nephesh can be of service

  • 30 minute follow up 30 mins 150.00 Select

    This is for established Nephesh Patient's 

  • LIfespan/Tru Diangostic Free Info Call 15 mins 0.00 Select

    This is a free 15 minute call if  you are interested in the life span assessment testing 

  • Nutrigenomic free 15 minute introduction call 15 mins 0.00 Select

    Discuss specifiec health and lifestyle challenges to determine if epegenetic testing is necessary

  • Nutrigenemonic 30 minute detailed consult 30 mins 150.00 Select

    Go over specific SNP that may be active and interfering with health wellness and longevity

  • New Patient request for Prescription 30 mins 50.00 Select

    Brief Medical history with focused consult to determine safety and eligibiliry for requested prescription

  • 1 hour followup 60 mins 250.00 Select