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Are you feeling constantly tired, stressed, or experiencing chronic fatigue?
Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or overwhelming negative thoughts?
Are you trapped in confusion and inner conflict, feeling powerless to make changes in your life?
Do you feel immense guilt for speaking your truth and worry about what others think of your words and actions?
Do you have a hard time feeling safe and secure being yourself?

If you answered 'Yes' to two or more questions, then the Initial consultation is just for you!

Key Breakthroughs You Will Experience, starting with this initial consult:
    • Feeling lighter in your body
    • Clarity
    • Awareness of your core block to vibrant energy
    • Inner joy
    • Support that your hurt inner child has been waiting for
If you’re ready to experience these powerful breakthroughs, the kick-start to vibrant energy is just for you. Take the first step towards a brighter, more vibrant you!

Why Choose Us?
  • Personalized Care: Tailored guidance for your unique health needs.
  • Holistic Approach: Integrating mind, body, and spirit.
  • Expert Support: Professional and intuitive advice.
  • Secure Platform: HIPAA-compliant, ensuring your privacy.

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Step 1: Book your initial consultation. 
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In your initial session, you will receive:
  • Intake forms reviewed and assessed
  • Collect pertinent health information
  • Mindbody and energy guidance for a breakthrough healing.
  • Experience joy, hope and/or renewal.
Follow-Up Sessions:
  • Cost: $310 per session
  • 6-session bundle: $1500
  • Most clients benefit from 4 to 8 follow-up sessions.

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Note: Insurance not accepted. All payments are non-refundable. This service does not replace consultation with your primary care physician.
Welcome Back to Your Healing Journey:

If you've previously experienced the transformative power of our healing sessions, welcome back! In this return session, we'll continue your journey toward vibrant health and overall well-being. Whether you've encountered stress, fatigue, struggling mental health, or simply seek further authentic self alignment, this session is designed for you.

What to Expect:

  • Redefine Health Vision: Receive ongoing support to align your health goals with your deeper soul's vision.
  • Experience relief, hope, light and/or calm: receive personalized energy healing, holding space, naturopathic treatment plan and mindbody medicine session
  • Optional Functional Labs: May order labs to further understand your biological pathways to laser focus on the area of care for a personalized treatment plan
Wrap-Up and Continued Guidance:
  • As we conclude, we'll integrate the experience into your ongoing journey, ensuring a seamless transition toward sustained vibrant health. 
  • Discuss the follow-up sessions to continue unlocking and developing vibrant health. Your well-being remains our priority.
  • 30-90mins follow-up sessions cost $310/session. A 6-session bundle is available for $1500.

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Note: Insurance not accepted. All payments are non-refundable. This does not replace consultation with your primary care physician.