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Welcome, Vibrant Goddess!! Let's get started now! Click 'Proceed' to book a call with me! 
This is about a 30+min video introductory call where you are deeply heard and guided to go deeper into your soul's vision for your wellbeing. 
You only pay: $87.00 (original value $250)
 You may: 

1. Experience what it is like working with Dr. Nikita Patel. 
2. Gain clarity regarding your health goals. This is important because it will help you get clear and committed to your authentic expression and healthy YOU journey. 
3. Experience being seen and heard while energetically anchoring to your soul's vision as part of your spiritual healing journey.
4. GET STARTED and gently dive into the Being Authentic journey.

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 1. Do you accept health insurance?
 - No
 2. Can I use HSA?
 - Yes
 3. Can I use FSA?
 - only for 1:1 service; not be applicable for group service
 4. Payment is non-refundable 

A bundle of Being Authentic intro session and a kick-start vibrant energy session. Includes 2x 1:1 sessions with Dr. Nikita. 

The first (intro) session is 30 mins and the 2nd (kick-start vibrant energy) session is 60 mins.

Both sessions have to be completed a week from each other.

This is for an intuitive, sensitive and empath healer who is currently experiencing one or more of these things during the holiday season:

  1. High stress
  2. Chronic fatigue and poor sleep
  3. Hopeless and uncertain
  4. Feeling burdened and resentful
  5. Stuck


As a result of this energy clearing, you may experience:

  1. Improved productivity
  2. New perspective when it comes to your wellbeing, healthy habits and relationships
  3. Clarity
  4. Lighter and at ease.
  5. New beginning, hope.

Kick-start vibrant energy session is an energy clearing and healing process to guide your body to start releasing disordered and stagnant energy keeping you from experiencing your vibrant health.
  1. Tools used include Andean shamanic healing, Reiki, inner child healing, and guided inner healing journey for root healing.
  2. This will be done via virtual video call. A session will be 60mins in duration.  Last 10 mins of the session will be kept to discuss any intuitive health message, questions and scheduling.
  3. You will be asked to be in a comfortable and quiet place during the session for maximum benefit. 
  4. Includes energy clearing and transformative guidance for personal growth (Inner healing guidance)
  5. Does not include naturopathic medical evaluation, as most of the time will be dedicated to transformative and energy clearing ceremonies. Feel free to ask more about this service.  


  • ~ Schedule your first session here (online).
  • ~ Payment is made upfront. Non-refundable. 
  • ~ This can be gifted to your loved ones.