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This is a "video-call" initial consultation.
Please forward lab results to: prior to our meeting. If you don't have recent lab results, we can place an order for you.

This is a "video call" initial assessment. Please, have list of current medications ready
We will be able to order labs for you if needed! If you do have labs, send the results to 
Sick visits: $60 per visit
Management of chronic conditions: $150 per visit           
Direct Primary Care Membership ($80): includes sick visits, management of chronic conditions, and discount of other services offered at St. Johns Wellness

            Direct primary care (DPC) is a health care model that differs significantly from traditional insurance-based medicine. That's because DPC doesn't involve insurance companies at all. Instead, you will deal directly with our experienced medical practitioner. This removes a significant financial burden for the patient and allows for more personalized care. In many cases, DPC are leas expensive than traditional insurance plans. DPC plans also encourage overall health by allowing patients more access to their physician without worrying about getting approved for visits by an insurance company.
            While there are many benefits to a DPC plan, it typically must be accompanied by some level of health insurance. That's because health insurance is required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Many people who elect to purchase a DPC membership PAIR IT WITH a high deductible, low premium insurance plan.

We do not treat: New onset of chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, pregnancy or complications, any uncontrolled bleeding
** THIS IS NOT FOR INITIAL APPOINTMENTS**  see "free initial consultation via telehealth" 

- We can also come to you if a minimum of "two" people need services! BeachWalk, Beacon Lakes, RiverTown, Nocatee, and all surrounding areas in St Johns County*** starting price $150 per person