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The services that are not marked as mobile services are offered in my clinic location.  Selective services will require a $25 deposit to hold the appointment.
Prices vary depending on tailored skincare treatment plan
Pricing $350 includes 2 products: HA + Copper spray
Pricing $250-$350 depending on type
Prices vary depending on the injection
Pricing $700/syringe depending on product choice
1 month follow up. Review weight loss, dietary changes, and exercise. Discuss side effects, barriers, and feelings regarding overall experience. Receive your vitamins and/or medical weight-loss prescriptions. 
Pricing $13/unit
Discuss your feelings and circumstances regarding your weight. Discuss weight loss goals, challenges, and care plan. 
Lipo + or Lipo Mino Injections ($35/injeciton)
 B-Booster ($25/injection) 


10 injections for $210.00 are available.
Model for Dermal Fillers using Cannula
Recieve 10 Vitamin Injections for $210.00 
(Normally $25-$35/injection)