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Please note that the services provided at our facility are deemed not medically necessary and, as such, are not covered by insurance policies.

Anti wrinkle consult- jeuvderm toxin available. 10/unit.
Let me tell you about our Tox-booster!!
A $150.00 deposit will be credited towards your first service. 
This appointment will include a comprehensive exam. Together we will review your medical history and goals. Your personalized options will be discussed.
The cost of the initial consultation will be taken off 1st month of the program. 
Book a weight loss consultation for one of our providers if you are located in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Connecticut. we will review your medical history and weight loss goals. The cost of consultation is 150.00 which will be credited towards an appropriate weight loss program. 
Book here to discuss concerns about hyperpigmentation, scarring , fine lines, or general signs of aging.
We offer top of the line medical grade products to treat the face and body from face to bikini, to buttocks, to the tops of feet.
150 dollar deposit will be credited towards your service.