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Welcome to Online Booking for The Longevity Center!
We service multiple satellite offices and provide screenings through various clinic locations in the states of
Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Wash DC and Florida.

In order to book your appointment online, you will need to know the following:
Deposit/Cancellation Fee is Mandatory - $100 deposit is necessary by credit card to confirm your appointment online. YOU MAY NOW USE YOUR FSA OR HSA CARDS. You may also send a check deposit to our home office. 
Cancel/Rescheduled Appointments:  Must be done before 24 hours of your appointment to transfer or be refunded. A $6.00 cancellation fee may apply.
Confirmation Email - Will be sent to you as soon as you complete the appointment online. Please be sure you receive one. Non-receipt could mean that no appointment has been scheduled.

Please note the following before booking:
Recent vaccine/booster?  Please book 1 week out from receiving this injection as inflammation created by it may skew your thermography results.
Pregnant/Breastfeeding/Surgery/Chemo/Radiation?  Generally, 3 months post is recommended. Please contact our appointment line to discuss further.
Wheelchair Accessibility Needed?  Not all clinic locations are accessible.  Please go back to our website to check a locations accessibility. Client must be flexible enough to stand unaided for screenings other than breast.

Any other questions, concerns or difficulty with any of the above, please contact our scheduler Pam at 888-580-0040 for assistance. Schedulers office hours are 9:00am-4:30pm Monday – Friday.
We look forward to being of service to you!

-The Longevity Team-


Click 'FILTER BY PRACTITIONER' below to choose your desired location,
then choose which 'SERVICE' you would like, fill in all prompts - and you are all set!

This screening is for all clients new to The Longevity Center - even if you have had a screening with a different thermography group. 
All new screeners to The Longevity Center. Breast with an additional region (such as Head or Abdomen)
A single region (other than the breasts) to be imaged that has never been imaged before.
All yearly as seen previously by The Longevity Center and all breast comparatives after 9 months - but before 2 years from first screening. 
For all returning wellness screeners that have previously been screened by The Longevity Center under a 3 yr time frame - otherwise, check NEW Women's/Mens Wellness
Applicable for all returning screeners that are setting a baseline 3-8 months from first breast screening (if after 9 months, please select "Annual Breast Screening").  
All new screeners to The Longevity Center. Head and full Torso (no arms or hands).
First time screening to The Longevity Center. Head to Abdominal regions, includes arms.
New to The Longevity Center or first-time full body screeners.
For existing Longevity Center clients that have previously had a full body screening  under a 3 yr time frame - otherwise, check NEW Full Body
For all clients for over 2 years. *NOTE - you will be reverted to this option if applicable. In some cases, you may have to re-establish your baseline as well.
Established clients of the Longevity Center-  under a 3 yr time frame - otherwise, check NEW Half Body.