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10 minutes free phone consultation for those who are considering becoming a new patient. No diagnoses or therapeutic considerations will be given.
Initial Visit for new patients that includes extensive history and evaluation, physical exam, and recommendations. Includes a short follow-up phone call 1-2 weeks later. If this is for a child under the age of 14, please book a Pediatric Constitutional Assessment visit. $585 for 75-90 minute visit.
Initial visit that includes an extensive history and assessment done via online video platform. Includes a short follow-up phone appointment 1-2 weeks later.  

New Patient visit for one acute complaint such as cold and flu, ear ache, rash.  Approx 45-50 minutes.  
Initial assessment for children with behavioral difficulties or learning disabilities, such as attention deficit disorders, sensory integration issues and/or autism spectrum.  This includes 3 visits of approximately 30-45 minutes each:  an initial interview with the parents (usually on the phone), followed by observation and examination of the child, and ending with a meeting or phone appointment with parents for findings and treatment recommendations. 
Routine in-office followup visit to discuss ongoing treatments and conditions.  Includes physical exam and hands-on treatments as appropriate.  Approx 25-40 minutes
Routine followup visit done via online video platform.  
Quick online visit for established patients.  This is ideal for a quick check in to adjust medications, review labs, or receive recommendations for Covid.
Book this Online visit to assess symptoms and make recommendations for Covid.
10-15 minute short visit on the phone for follow-up to check on ongoing treatment.  
Short visit for injection administration. Price $150. Includes the remedy and supplies. 
Followup visit for members only.  
If you have a lot of medical issues to address, or have not seen Dr. Daci for a while, or would just like more time with Dr. Daci, we recommend you book an extended visit of 45-50 minutes to allow for sufficient time to address your medical needs.
20-25 minute phone appointment.