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A $50 deposit is required at time of booking which will also serve as cancellation fee if the office is not notified within 24hours of cancellation.
The $50 will be applied towards your service.
If Positive, a prescription for treatment will be provided.
Contains B-Complex, B-12, Amino acid
-Burn fat to produce energy
-Pick me up
-Boost metabolism
Contains Vitamin C, B-complex, B-12, Calcium, Magnesium
-It decreases fatigue
-Fights seasonal allergies-->decrease asthma attacks
-Decrease mental fog
Drip is great for migrains, hangover or belly cramps
Contains B12, B-complex, Toradol
NAD+ is an essential and natural substrate in energy production aging control.
Great for energy support
chronic fatigue syndrome
help manage a wide spectrum of chronic diseases
Buy 4 infusion package and save $200
Contains Vitamin C, B-Complex, Biotin, Glutathione
Decrease wrinkles
Rehydrate skin
Boost collagen
Improves hair, skin, nails
Contains Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-12, Zinc
Improves healing and recovery time
Boost immune system
Fights infection
Decrease duration on illness
1 Infusion per week
Blood draw service by nurse or medical assistant.
Office visit for acute non-emergent complaints
Non-narcotic medication refill
Initial office or tele visit
Monthly injections Initial lab work

Monthly fee
Monthly medication
Initial lab work in office
Follow up labs in ?office

Office lab draw