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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This online booking serves as an APPOINTMENT REQUEST. Our office will review your request and, if approved, send an APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION to the email address you provided. Thank you.

TELE-HEALTH NOTICE:  If a TELE-HEALTH option is chosen, please be advised that our Staff may need to convert that visit to IN-OFFICE depending on appointment type, regulations, and/or a patient's individual circumstances.   

Note: all appointments for THURSDAYS are TELE-HEALTH. 
  • Medical Marijuana Consult 30 mins 169.00 Select

    Medical Marijuana Certification Consultation in Office with Dr. Joan Baijnath.

  • Medical Marijuana Recertification 15 mins 169.00 Select

    Medical Marijuana Recertification Appointment. NOTE: THIS APPOINTMENT WILL BE OVER THE PHONE, our office will call you at the time of your appointment. Please call the office if you'd like to request an in office recertification. 

    EXSISTING PATIENTS ONLY. If you would like to transfer from another physician, please schedule a Medical Marijuana Consult. 

  • Telehealth Medical Marijuana Consultation 30 mins 169.00 Select

    Online Video Conference Medical Marijuana Consultation with Dr. Joan Baijnath. If the appointment is confirmed, telehealth instructions will be sent to you via email. 
    Requests for telehealth appointments are subject to review and may need to be converted to IN-OFFICE based on individual circumstances.

  • Suboxone Consult 30 mins 200.00 Select

    Suboxone Initial Consultation in Office with Dr. Joan Baijnath

  • Suboxone Transfer 30 mins 125.00 Select

    Suboxone TRANSFER Consultation in Office with Dr. Joan Baijnath.

    NOTE: If you are currently being prescribed Suboxone/B
    eprenorphine/Subutex and are looking to switch Physicians you qualify as a Transfer Patient. 

  • Suboxone Follow Up Visit 15 mins 125.00 Select

    Re-occurring Suboxone Follow Up Visit.