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This is a brief (optional) consultation to see if our services are right for you! At the end of the call, we'll get you scheduled for a full, in-depth consultation with our Medical provider.

If you're ready to get started and would prefer to skip this step, you can opt to book a full consultation instead. 
-Each consultation is $100.00 and can be fully credited towards any of our monthly plans! 
-Your consultation includes a brief medical examination and personalized nutrition plan. 
-Click Here to view our Pricing Page for more details on our services! 
You will receive a link to your video visit before the appointment.
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***You MUST be in the state of Pennsylvania at the time of the virtual visit. 
Virtual Consults are $100.00 and can be fully credited towards the monthly cost of the Semaglutide Premium Plan or Tirzepatide Elite Plan. Please reach out to us: with further questions about your virtual visit.

Please note, in order to prescribe Semaglutide you will need recent labs done within the past 3 months. We can order these for you during your initial visit. Once they're ordered, you can use your personal insurance and get the labs drawn at your site of choice or we can cover the cost of your labs for an additional fee of $100 (to be drawn at your nearest Labcorp).

Please note, most of our weight loss plans include one follow-up visit per month. If this is an additional visit, the charge is $50.00. 
You will receive a link to your video visit prior to your appointment. 
Please book this as soon as your Semaglutide arrives. You will receive a link to your video visit prior to your scheduled appointment. 
B12 Injection
Lipotropic Injection

Want to save money? Ask about our Lipotropic shot packages at your time of service! 
Base Price: $100 for 1000mls (1 liter) + Cost of add-ons

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This custom mix will alleviate headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

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Select this option for any of the below services:
  • Magnesium-$25.00
  • Glutathione- $45.00
  • Famotidine- $20.00
  • Zofran- $25.00
  • Ketorolac- $35.00
  • Vitamin B Complex-$35.00
  • B-12-$25.00
  • Lipotropic-$40.00 
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Initial Consult for Men's Health Services (Testosterone Replacement Therapy and related services). 
We are so happy to have you back! If you are a past patient returning to our program after more than 6 months of absence, please book your appointment! Please keep in mind, there is a consultation fee of $75 for this service.