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Phone consultation 
First wellness consultation.
one hour to discuss ?concerns, goals, and create a plan of action. 

This wonderful massage with your choice of one energy balancing oil for the chosen chakra of your choice can give you just what you need in this moment.

Aesthetic consultation 

Wellness follow-up to discuss lab results and Rx
Follow up visit up to 30 minutes
Hair boosting serum rich in peptides and nitric oxide boosters, along with microneedling for hair restoration. 
Fat burning injections 
Pain Management 
Reset the nervous system and relief of stress.  This IV contains a blend of fluids, B vitamins, Magnesium, and procaine.  May help with reduction of stress and anxiety, and relieves muscle tension and aches.  
PlaqueX IV benefits those who have cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, fatty liver, Diabetes, and sexual wellness concerns.