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Erectile Dysfunction, Fatigue, Andropause, No or low sex drive.
 Botox can smooth out wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance.  Our highly trained botox certified medical professional can help you decide what amount is right for you. 
The HydrationFacial treatment is designed to exfoliate, extract, and infuse the skin with specialty treatment serums to hydrate and plump the skin. It does this by using a skin softening solution to loosen up sebum & dead skin cells, a blend of glycolic & salicylic acid to exfoliate the surface of the skin, and vortex extractions to remove impurities, debris, & trapped oil. 

HydrationFacial treatment is quick (30 minutes) and offers instant results, with no downtime or irritation. For all skin types.
  • Fine lines + Wrinkles
  • Elasticity + Firmness
  • Even Tone + Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Oily + Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores
The Fountain of Youth Anti-aging IV drip combines powerful antioxidants and vitamins for dramatic results in assisting the body to fight the aging effects of sun, smoke and stress. It can improve joint movement, strengthen bones and brighten skin.  Helps to regenerate injured cells and aids in detoxifying the body. Included in this drip is :  Ascorbic Acid, (Vitamin C), B Complex, Glutathione, Calcium , Magnesium. 
Designed to help bring out radiance and a natural glow, the combined nutrients are believed to fortify hair, skin and nails, reduce wrinkles and quench skin from the inside out.  Included in this IV are Asorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Biotin, and B-Complex Blend.
IV fluids are specially formulated liquids that are injected into a vein to prevent or treat dehydration. They are used by people of all ages who are sick, injured, dehydrated from exercise or heat, or undergoing surgery. Intravenous rehydration is a simple, safe and common procedure with a low risk of complications. This hydration IV is 1000ml of .9 % NaCl.  
MICC injections are also known as lipotropic injections. They contain lipotropic compounds including Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and Cyanocobalamin. These compounds work together to metabolize fat cells and remove stored fat deposits in the liver and body.  Used alone or in combination with other weight loss treatments to optimize weight loss.
The Meyers cocktail is beneficial in helping individuals with migraines, fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome), fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disease, and other disorders. It is also helpful for individuals who suffer from low energy, or suffer from depression or anxiety.  The Meyers Cocktail includes:   Vitamin C, B-Complex vitamins, Vitamin B12, Cacium, Magniesum,Glutathione, and Zinc.
Avoid getting sick and fight against airborne illnesses by fueling your immune system with high-impact vitamins and antioxidants.  Improve your body’s ability to withstand stress, intense levels of work or travel. Included in this drip are  Vitamin C, Magnesium, Complex B Vitamins, Zinc and Calcium.

The quench IV rehydrates your body while it detoxifies and restores essential vitamins.  This IV can help to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and fight fatigue.  Included in the Quench IV is a blend of Amino Acids, Vitamin C, and Complex B Vitamins 
Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage Massage $ 80 (30 min)
Lymphatic Drain  
Do your joints hurt? Is the constant muscle pain you’re experiencing getting in the way of your life? Lymphatic drainage massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle form of massage used to relieve painful swelling in your arms and legs caused by lymphedema. Our lymphatic system is key to healing, regenerating tissues, and removing toxins from the body. Help restart your body and begin healing today.  
This IV is for people who want to increase their peak performance by decreasing  recovery time, and increasing performance. It can also help to replenish nutrients that were lost during a workout- many of these things you don’t even recognize you’re losing.  It also has the potential to help with inflammation. Included in this IV are Vitamin C, B-Complex Vitamins, Amino Acid Blend and Complex Mineral Blend.
Get over your hangover in under an hour with this vitamin infusion.  It can help with dizziness, headache and fatigue while increasing your energy.  If you are looking to feel less tired, feel less dehydrated and more motivated throughout the day, this is the drip!  
The Executive Vitamin Infusion can be useful in the treatment of symptoms resulting from high levels of physical and/or mental stress due to workload, travel, poor diet, and more.  It helps to boost energy, mood and productivity.   This IV therapy includes a combination of Ascorbic Acid, B-Complex Blend, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Methylcobablamin Injection 10,000U/ML-25.00 per mL
Vitamin D 3 Injection 50,000 U/ml-50 dollars per ML
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 500mg/ml-35 dollars per each ml
This combination kick starts your immune system, helps to prevent illnesses, and make you feel better faster after getting sick.  This combination includes large doses of  B-Complex, Asorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Zinc.
Sit down with our medical staff and discuss your weight-loss history and options.  
The initial consultation fee is waived for certain services.  This fee is charged when the medical provider needs to do an assessment and history to determine what services are needed or follow-up testing is required.
Telehealth Visit with prescriber.
Initial teeth whitening consultation with medical grade whitener and LED light technology.  One session will brighten your teeth but you may need multiple sessions to achieve desired results.  Max of 3 sessions/day.  
Session #2 of Teeth Whitening
This membership includes
  • Additional IV’s 20% off
  • Add-Ons 20% off
  • 10% off any Radiant Service 
  • Annual option: 10 % off if paid in full at first visit
  • Bring a friend for 20% off service perk once a month.
Choose up to 3 IV therapies to add to your IV for a personalized IV formulation exclusive to your current needs. Our medical providers are available to assist in the IV personalization process.
Medication: Ondansetron 4mg/2ml Intramuscular Injection
This combination of vitamins and Amino Acids is designed to help kickstart your metabolism and help you feel more energized. It can help burn fat, boost metabolism and provide the nutrients needed for optimal wellness.  Included in this ?IV are a blend of B vitamins including B12, and a blend of Amino Acids.

This Microdermabrasion facial starts with a hydrocleanse using our Beauty Facial machine with vortex technology,  and is followed by a minimally invasive epidermal resurfacing procedure that gently exfoliates your skin. This is done with diamond microdermabrasion tips and our Beauty Facial dermabrasion.  This treatment helps to improve uneven skin tones and texture, reduce photoaging, striae, melasma, and scars, and can even help to reduce the appearance of acne scars. 
 This IV is to relieve symptoms of PMS. This customized IV kit includes B Complex, Calcium, Magniesum, and B12.  This combination is used to reduce bloating, irritability, abdominal discomfort and lower back pain. 
Initial visit for men with Andropause or Testosterone concerns.  Includes medical history, consultation and treatment plan.
 This treatment offers patients a fully customizable facial that exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates while delivering acne treatments directly to the skin. Vortex cleansing our beauty facial machine uses vortex technology to cleanse pores and remove blackheads, dirt, and debris from the skin.  This type of facial can be used to treat all types of acne, and congestion in the pores.