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What to expect:
-Review of patient ?response to treatment
-Lab recommendations
-Supplement and Herb recommendations
To make healthcare more affordable, Dr. Martin will be providing $20 Nutritional Consultation Zoom Calls.  This is for people who otherwise cannot afford treatment outside the Health Insurance Model.  This will allow patients to spend more money on supplementation.
Calls Includes:
-10-15 minutes
- Including supplement/herb recommendations
-Based on symptoms and established protocols
This service does not include:
-In testing (AK, vial, iridology)
-Physical Medicine
Some conditions this service covers:
-Infections (viral, bacterial, mold, yeast)
-Digestive disorders
-Fatigue, sleep
-System issues (thyroid, adrenals, heart, lungs, ect)
-Brain fog and health
-Weight loss
-COVID related health issues

What to expect:
-Review of patient history
-Lab recommendations
-Supplement and Herb recommendations
Call Dr. Martin via Telephone of via Zoom for a 10 minute consultation at no cost.  In this meeting, Dr. Martin will explore your medical concerns in order to determine if Mission Clinic is a good fit for you.