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*** For minor Acute care situations,  we understand that they are not preplanned issues.  Therefore, if you attempt to schedule for an acute situation & are unable to find availability, please email:  Staff@MissionHW.com  or call 317-93B-Well & we will see if we can fit you into the schedule sooner.

*** If you do NOT see a service listed that you are looking for, please email:  Staff@MissionHW.com & inquire about it.  If it is not a service we provide, we will be happy to refer you to someone who does offer it!

Hormones are the messengers that tell your tissues and organs what to do. A slight change resulting in an imbalance of any or multiple hormones can cause a multitude of conditions.
This consultation will be the first step with our board-certified Nurse Practitioner, who will get a thorough, detailed assessment of your history, lifestyle & genetics.  With that information, along with the use of functional medicine laboratory testing, a personalized regimen will be designed to address any of the following:
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Thyroid disfunction
  • Adrenal Disfunction
  • Sexual health/disfunctions
  • Pre/Post-Menopausal issues
Your personalized plan may include recommendations for hormone replacement therapy, detoxification, lifestyle and diet changes, supplements and/or botanical medicines to aid in your wellness journey

Please note, Nurse practitioner Tara Kegeris, FNP-C is NOT a replacement for your Primary Care Provider. You are expected to continue with your PCP & Mission Health & Wellness will work in conjunction with them.
Are you looking to lose weight? 
Being overweight is more than just a self esteem issue, (although we shouldn’t downplay the seriousness of the psychological impact it has ).  Weight issues can pave the way for numerous physical & psychological problems & is often a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease & many others diseases.

This initial consultation will be spent with our Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. 
After a thorough, detailed assessment of your history, lifestyle, genetics, environmental and mental factors is made, we will devise a personalized weight loss regimen for you.  This may include recommendations for functional medicine laboratory testing, genetic testing, detoxification, lifestyle and diet changes, supplements, botanical medicines & referrals to a nutritionist, to aid in your weight loss journey

This appt will last UP TO 15 min.  It it a consultation for outpatient mild covid treatment with immune system recommendations and scripts. 
This appt will be used to address  MINOR acute concerns such as uti, uri, wounds, rashes, sutures, sti, acute pains, skin conditions,  Please note, this does not include serious acute concerns such as chronic pain, etc.  Those concerns should be directed to your PCP.
At this initial consultation we will discuss your goals  & the benefits regarding vitamin & nutrition injections.  We will establish your plan & educate on administering the injections, (for those that you will be injecting yourself).  After this initial consultations future appts will be just the cost of the injections.  See our Vitamin/Nutrition menu on our website under "Services offered" for injection cost information
IV therapy has been shown to be a better method of delivery of nutrients to tissue, increasing recovery & immune enhancement, and assisting in reversing inflammation & oxidative damage.  See our IV Therapy menu on our website under "Services offered" for cost information
 It will be an initial consultation used to discuss your gynecological concerns, during this appt there may be some lab recommendations, supplements and/or other treatment options presented.
Do you need a physical for a school activity or trip with school?  This appt will be for just that purpose!
We will provide the required physical that patient needs to participate in sports activities
This appt will be used to evaluate your travel destination, giving recommendations, as well as any needed  prescriptions given.