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The cost of this appointment will be applied to the new patient visit should they decide to establish care. 
Note: more mg of glutathione can be added in the office at the cost of $10/500mg. 

This new patient fee includes your first TWO appointments. 

The initial intake will be between 60-75 minutes. At this appointment we will dive deep into your history, evaluate all of your symptoms and conduct an extensive physical exam. At this time a preliminary treatment sheet may be given and pertinent labs will be ordered. Once the labs return, we will meet to do a lab review and review your comprehensive treatment plan. This appointment is between 30-45 minutes. Before and after your appointment I review the case multiple times to ensure that great diligence is taken in properly diagnosing your condition and providing you with the most personalized treatment plan possible. 

Please note: fees may differ depending on the extent of the workup, however this fee is the maximum that will be charged. Payment plans are available.
A quick energy boosting IV containing vitamin C, B-vitamins, zinc, selenium and magnesium