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This is a Functional Medicine Assessment.  At this appointment, you will sit down with Dr. Gorla and discuss your concerns and goals, and get recommendations for next steps. Dr. Gorla reviews all your paperwork and any recent labs you may have prior to this appointment, so the comprehensive paperwork must be completed in advance, along with any labs that  you have had done in the past 12-18 months.  Functional Medicine is concerned with WHY you have the conditions you do.

Acupuncture Treatment 
This is a courtesy telehealth appointment to briefly discuss your concerns and see how we can best serve you. 
Not sure what type of appointment you need?  Schedule a Courtesy Consultation to determine which modalities best serve your needs. At this appointment, you will meet with the Care Manager, who will gather more information about your concerns, and also the doctor, who will make recommendations for the  modalities which best suit your condition and your goals. This is a courtesy consultation, and no treatment will be performed.  If you need to get in sooner, please call our office at 828-265-8668. 
Comprehensive 16-Point Neuropathy Exam with one of our doctors who are both Board Certified in Neuropathy.