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Welcome to Booking online for Insight Holistic Imaging

All locations are participating clinics that host the mobile thermography screening service that is provided by Rhonda Keagy, CCT 2. 
Rhonda is the only technician servicing these locations.

If you have questions, concerns or difficulty at any time with scheduling,
please contact
410-864-8270 for assistance.

*Phone hours are 8:00am-6:00pm Monday – Friday*
*If you reach voice mail, please leave a detailed message*

Please note the following to book online:
          - A credit card deposit of $75 is required to book an appointment. It is payable at the time of booking to confirm your appointment.
            FSA/HRA cards are welcome! If you prefer to send a check for this deposit payment, please call to book.
          - A confirmation email with all details (including the clinic address and location information) is automatically sent to you if your
            appointment has been booked correctly. If you do not get an email promptly after booking, please call.
          - If you have had a vaccine/booster, please book 3 weeks out from receiving this injection as inflammation created by it may skew
            your thermography results.
         - An extra, corresponding region of interest screening can be added on the day of service for +$50 to any single region screening offered.
           Be sure to include that request and what additional region to screen in your appointment booking.

BEFORE YOU BOOK…….. Please call to discuss your screening options on the following:
Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
Currently Undergoing or Have had Chemo/Radiation within the last 3 months?
Need Wheelchair Accessibility?
Not capable of standing for a screening (other than breast)?
Under the age of 18?
To view “screening service” details by screening – Press “+”
Select a screening service then click “Proceed”
Scroll to your desired clinic location (they are listed in alphabetical order based on city location) or “Browse by Date”
Search by Clinic location – Click on “7 day” arrow to navigate forward/backward in the schedule.
Available dates/slot times will appear – click the one you want to proceed with booking.
Check our website locations for dates first - Don’t see a date or location available? – please call.

NOTE: If you were referred by an existing Insight client, please put their name in the notes section of your appointment set up.
I look forward to being of service to you!

New to Thermography and never seen by Rhonda Keagy, CCT 2 before. Includes full breast region in this 2 part baseline set up protocol.
If you have been seen by Rhonda Keagy before, please select "Annual Breast Screening" service.
30 minutes
Your second screening to establish a breast baseline within 9 months of your first screening.
If over 10 months from your first screening, please select "Annual Breast Screening". This is a 30 minute screening that includes a history review and continued care information and plan.
For all clients with an established baseline that have been seen by Rhonda Keagy, CCT 2 in the past.
Applies to any region to be images solely for the first time that is not the breast.
Imaging an area (other than the breast) that has been imaged before.
15 minutes
First time having all three regions images (head, chest/breast, abdomen). Does not include arm imaging.
All 3 regions (head, chest/breast/abdomen) have been imaged in the past. Does not include arm imaging.
15 minutes
First time having a half body screening. Includes entire top or lower half of the body in screening (3-4 regions). Please indicate when booking.
30 minutes
A comparative screening in follow up to a previous half body study.
30 minutes
First time having a full body screening. Includes head to toe imaging (6-7 regions)
30 minutes
A comparative screening in follow up to a previous full body study.
30 minutes
A stand-alone screening providing feedback on the health of the immune system.
Images taken of various regions throughout the full body.
30 minutes
Bilateral Breast or Thyroid only. Please designate in Note section of appointment. Contact 410-864-8270 for booking abdominal, pelvic or carotid screening.