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Heartland Family Healthcare and Wellness
200 West Interlake Blvd
Lake Placid Fl., 33852

Welcome to Heartland Family Healthcare and Wellness!!
Please complete the new patient forms that will be sent with your appointment confirmation. 

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Simple forms for documentation of medical condition
1823, 3008, 
Complex medical paperwork
school physical 
new patient telehealth visit 
New patient to practice, not seen in the last year
Follow up visit established patient
no additives saline 1000ml bag
Contains-magnesium, thiamine, riboflavin, B6, B12, Vit C, Niacin, Calcium
Best for- Fatigue, hangover, immunity, Best for overall replacement
Contains-Vitamins/Minerals, Ondansetron
Best for- Migraines, Nausea, Dehydration
Contains- Calcium chloride, magnesium, Multi-vitamins, B12
Best for- PMS symptoms, abdominal pain, back pain, irritability
Contains- multivitamins, Amino Blend
Best for- burn fat, feel energized, boosts metabolism
Contains- ascorbic Acid, Vitamin complex, Zinc Chloride
Best for- super immune booster
Contains- Pyroxidine B6, Ltaurine, Alphalipoic acid 
Best for- improves cognitive function, learning and memory
Contains-Ascorbic acid, Vitamin complex, mineral blend Amino Blend
Best for- Enhance performance, decrease recovery time
Contains- Ascorbic acid, biotin, Multivitamins
Best for fighting acne, prevents aging, fuels tired skin
Contains- Ascorbic acid, Vitamin complex, mineral blend
Best for- rehydration, fatigue
Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
Anti-aging neuromuscular cell regeneration
Best for-muscle/joint pain, better sleep, mental clarity 
?Migraine shot
Best for nausea and headaches, PMS discomfort
Best for fatigue, energy
Vitamin D3 50,000units
Bone health, osteoporosis
Powerful trio of amino acids used for improved athletic performance, migraines, improves blood flow and increases sexual function
Also called the skinny shot a combo of vitamins and amino acids to boost metabolism, weight loss and energy
Glutathione, zinc and vitamin C, super immune booster
Personalized consultation on weight loss solutions
Facial Microneedling for hydration and vitamin enrichment for your skin.
Helps to improve collagen formation by tiny micro injuries to the skin.
Little to no downtime
Botox treatment starting at $12 per unit
average forehead treatment- $250-$350
average crows feet treatment- $200-$300
Does not require new patient fee for specialty service