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*Don't stress over the appointment times. We can always message in the portal and change that later. Getting on the schedule gets you my consent forms, questionnaire, and HPAA secure portal access (a place to communicate that is safe)!
Fee assessed after visit ONLY if medication prescribed. 
After forms completed online we talk on video, phone, and/or secure messaging in the hipaa secure portal

Compounded medication available. semaglutide or tirzepitide .
Ozempic, Wegovy, Zepbound, Mounjaro, 
After form completed online we talk on video or phone call and can also use hipaa secure portal for secure text messaging. 
Barbara Grubbs, NP
Usually $135 based on complexity Can be $75-$150
After online forms completed we talk on video or telephone and can also use HIPAA secure portal for instant messaging. 
Barbara Grubbs, NP