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This Package is how to start working with The EDS Clinic. We get validating and life changing transformations within 3 to 4 months over 3 visits. 

It contains: 1 Initial New Patient Visit (90 minutes) and 3 Follow-Up Visits (60 minutes each). The cost is $1797. It can be paid in full or in payment plans. The deposit is $449, then $449 a month for 3 more months. The default payment is payment plan at $449 down.

This is for any patient who is located in WA state, NV, and OR. This type of visit can be helpful for someone who needs validation, hope, direction, answers, and options for Hypermobility, EDS, POTS, MCAS, and related disorders. We discuss all your concerns in depth and there is time for questions. There is no need to come back to discuss an "unrelated issue" as we feel everything is related. You receive a written plan to use as a guide after each visit. 

Disability and FMLA paperwork is not done at the first visit due to the complexity and need for review of all the applicable information to increase the chance of approval. We have a high approval rate.

This package includes: 
> 4 customized visits over telemedicine tailored to your health needs. 
> Analysis of prior paperwork images, labs, and records.
> Prescriptions for any necessary medications related to EDS, POTS, MCAS treatment.
> Personalized supplement recommendations for your symptoms.
> Detailed labs ordered to thoroughly investigate POTS, MCAS, and potential autoimmune issues. These are processed through insurance.
> Genetic testing if needed. Ordered through Invitae or Genedx with insurance paperwork completed for potential coverage.
> Review your lifetime health and apply to data to health today.
> Comprehensive multi-pronged plan for your health investigation and improvement.
> Follow-up direct messaging between visits as needed by you.
> Address all your concerns all at once.

This visit is for established patients only.

This is a follow-up visit for any patient who is located in WA state, NV, and OR. A standard follow-up visit is for someone is ready for continuing progress in terms of hope, direction, answers, and options for Hypermobility, EDS, POTS and other associated disorders. Functional medicine or standard labs are reviewed at the visit.

It can be fine tuned based on the prior visit, what is desired, and what areas need further improvement. Adding outside records to the patient portal or having them faxed ahead of time is helpful to save time and speed investigations.

FMLA paperwork can be done at follow-up visits.  Paperwork is completed at visits. Please prepare all you are able to in advance of visits. Documents can be uploaded to the patient portal. FMLA can usually be completed in 30 minutes with time for discussion or updates during the visit. Disability paperwork often takes longer as it is complex and has multiple years of information included. The higher the quality of the application, the higher chance of approval.